Friday, May 14, 2010

Tutorial ~How to make Yo-yos~

A couple of link parties ago, I shared my yo-yos. I received many comments and emails asking for a tutorial to show you how to make them.

You asked, you shall receive... :)

{How to}

1. Get a cup and an empty cereal box. I traced the top and bottom of the cup on the cereal box to make two different sizes of yo-yos. The large one is 2 5/8" in diameter(the finished size is 1 1/8" in diameter), the small one is 2" in diameter and the finished size is 7/8" in diameter). I hope you can get some idea about the sizes from those examples.

2. Place the template onto the fabric and trace it with pencil. Cut out the circles.

3. Fold a little less than 1/4" for the seam and stitch all around it.

4. Pull the thread to gather the fabric. Tie a knot and hide it.

5. Now you have yo-yos that you can use to accessorize or make something with!

There are several reasons why I love yo-yos.

1. You can use even your tiniest scraps to make yo-yos

2. It is so easy to do, and transportable. I keep the cut out circles, thread, and needles in a zip-lock bag in my purse. I make a few here and a few there, before I realize, I have tons of yo-yo's.

3. You can use yo-yos in so many different projects.

I have been busy with other projcts, and haven't done much with my yo-yo's but when I do, I will share some of the ideas with you.

I hope everyone will enjoy your weekend, perhaps, you can start making some yo-yos!


Deborah Raymond said...

I am a yo-yo addict! I also keep fabric circles in a baggie that I just sew as I feel like it. I like to add them here and there to just about anything. I'd love to see some of the things you do with yours.

emma_G said...

THANKYOU! I have seen yo you makers in craft stores and thought no way am i going to pay that much . And look it's so easy just need an empty cereal box :)

Kim said...

I love making yo-yos. A lady I used to work with many years ago, would make yo-yos and connect them to make all sorts of projects to give to her family.

Jenny said...

ohh! I completely forgot how to make these the other day and was looking for a good tutorial - the one I found was not anywhere near as nice as yours - it's great and I will keep it bookmarked for the next time I forget!! [and I will forget hehe ;)... ]

MJ said...

Thank you for this!! Have made some over the weekend also :) And during the week and during lunch ;) Only after I started I realised I already did this for the Mombi dress but used the back as I needed the flat side. LOL
Have a great weekend!

Drea said...

My grandmother taught me how to make yo-yos when I was really young. I haven't made any in a while. Thanks for bringing back that memory for me.

You have an awesome blog by the way!

*Cheriece* said...

I have seen some awesome cardigans at Old Navy with yo-yos sewn on them seam side down and tiny beads sewn in the centers to look like clusters of flower along one side of the neckline. A very cute way to repurpose an old sweater! That sounds like a project you'd love. :)

W said...

I am sorry to be a pest, but what do you use it for?

Ruth said...

I am new to your blog and I love it. You create so many beautiful things. I am in awe of all your ideas. Such beautiful things.


L said...

I love how simple and easy to read your instructions are!
Thank you for taking the time to inspire and teach!

casserole said...

Great tutorial! I love fabric yo-yos!
I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing here:


Robin said...

I just put a yo-yo kit together and threw it in my purse. I see plenty of yo-yos in my future.

Delia said...

Your yo-yos look so much prettier than mine! :)

THank you for your kind comment btw.

CriCri said...

Thank you very much for this tutorial..
it's great..
thanks from Italy

Justine said...

I love your yo-yos, but I can't seem to figure out how to do this. I am new to sewing, and I have a question, okay two questions about your yo-yos. When you fold it over, do you stitch only the folded over part? and how do you stitch it with only one string? I hope these questions make sense.

Sachiko said...

Hi Jastine-

When you folded over, that part becomes two layers(the folded part and the main fabric), you need to sew them together. Then, when you pull the string, the fabric will gather and you won't see the string anymore.

Also, your second question, when you thread the needle, you will either make a knot with one string or two strings(one string folded in half) together. You can do it either way.

I hope my explanation made sense. Enjoy making yo-yos!

G Inspires said...

Wow yo-yos are super easy, who would have known! Thank you so much for this tutorial. I have been browsing your blog for...well too long now and I'm in love with all the flowers. I tried to make my first flower hair barret last week and it didn't turn out so hot but your tutorials explain things so well! Consider me your new follower!

Ros Ros said...

I love the color of the printed fabric you use. It makes yo-yo looks outstnding.

Lucy Lean said...

Thanks for the refresher course - off to make a bunch for duvet boot project

Lucy Lean said...

Thanks for the refresher course - off to make a bunch for duvet boot project



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