Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Floral Hues ~ Pullover Top

Have you already hear about Floral Hues designed by Sue Daley? She is a talented quilt and fabric designer. Also, she is well known for her amazing English paper piecing skill and knowledge. A few years ago, I had the privilege to meet her in person when she was in Utah. I will always treasure the night I spent looking at her beautiful quilts and talking with her.

I was given a chance to work with her new fabric collection, Floral Hue from Riley Blake Designs. I was so excited to find out that they are 100% cotton lawn. Lawn is lighter weight than regular cotton and great for making clothing as well. I decided to make a relaxed flowy top for summer and fall.

Searching for a perfect style, I came across a pattern by Simplicity; number 8417. There are several design options for this pattern, but I liked option B which combines a couple different fabrics. I chose Floral Hues Main Gray and Floral Hues Daisies Gray for my top.

I finished sewing it and I am ready to try it on!

I was wearing it at home at first, but I thought beautiful floral fabrics such as these deserve nice outside light for the photo shoot...

That's exactly what I did (Thank You Mr.Tea Rose Home!)

It was over 100 degrees outside and I was wearing this 3/4 sleeve top but because of the light weight fabric I felt fine. :)

I hope you hop on over to Riley Blake Designs to see the other color schemes. They are worth checking out!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Quilted Bag + Mini Quilt Block Charm

Summer is here and in full swing, I bet many of you are going places; local or far from home vacations. One of the things that is always nice and useful is a large bag you can throw things in and take it everywhere you go. I decided to do a tutorial of such a bag using fabrics designed by Amy from Diary of a Quilter. Sunny Side Avenue is her second fabric line from Riley Blake Designs. Hop over and check them out!

I decided to use these fabrics from her line for this project.

So, here is what you need:

*You will need

Two different green fabrics --- 1/2 yard each

Two different Blue fabrics --- one 1/3 yard, the other one 1 yard

Batting and muslin

Matching thread

How to

1. Cut 3 - 3"strips from each one of the fabrics and lay them out in the order you want. Once you have decided, sew them together. Open the seam and press with an iron.

2. Once you finished piecing 7 to 8 strips together, cut out 3" strips diagonally. To figure out the first line, I used the 30 degree angle line of the cutting tool and marked it with a pencil and started cutting.

3. Lay all the diagonal strips out to see the design before piecing them together. Once you are done piecing, it will look like this:

Open the seam and press with iron.

4. Cut off the ends. It is best to match the fabrics on both sides, so when you sew them together, the half diamond becomes one and gives a nicer finish.

5. Layer the muslin, cotton batting and pieced top together and baste. I used safety pins to secured them.

6. I can't tell you enough how much I love my new Aria sewing machine from Babylock. I should have a post just dedicated for this quilting feature someday! Anyways... I just did straight stitches on both sides of the seam. Cut off the excess.

7. Fold the quilted fabric in half right sides together. Sew the sides.

8. Create boxed bottom. Pinch the bottom corner and draw a 5" line (2 1/2" on one side of the seam and 2 1/2" seam on the other) and sew.

9. Sew liner. Cut 18 1/2" x 30" rectangle out of the blue fabric that is 1 yard. Also, cut 6" x 8" rectangle to create a pocket. Fold both sides and the bottom of the fabric, press with iron and fold the top twice 1/2" each time and sew. Sew it on to the large fabric. Sew the large fabric to make the liner in the same manner as you sewed the outer bag.

10. Sew handles. Cut 3" x 20 1/2" strips out of the left over strips you have already pieced to create the bag. I added fusible interfacing to strengthen the handle. Fold the fabric in half right sides together and sew. Turn inside out, press with iron. Using 1/8" seam stitch both sides.

11. Put the outer bag, liner and handles together and pin. Leaving a 4"opening, sew all around the top. Turn the fabric inside out, press with iron and give a good top stitch to finished it off.

I just gave quick steps for how I made this bag. If you are new to sewing and need more detailed instructions, you can visit my other tutorials such as She Carries Flowers or Reversable Crossbody Bag.

I made a mini quilt block to accessorize the bag... the idea popped in my head and I just couldn't resist! I am planning on doing a tutorials for this in the near future, stay tuned!

I am going to have a very exciting (and a little scary because this is a bit of out of my comfort zone...) week and I am going to let you know in a future post. Happy Summer everyone!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Rustic Romance Pincushions

Look at this gorgeous new fabric line Rustic Romance from Riley Blake Designs. I had several ideas of what to create with these beauties and I finally decided to make pincushions.

My most favorite fabrics are these. I wanted to come up with the designs to showcase them better. I created small and large pincushions. I created a downloadable PDF for the hexagon in case you need it.

* Small Pincushion

1. Download the PDF and cut out the template. It would be great if you have thin plastic sheets to make the templates, but if not, you could still make the pincushion. Cut out 2 hexagon pieces for the top and the bottom and one 2"x 8" strip (seam allowance included).

2. Sew the strip to the hexagon pieces. Leave a small opening for stuffing. Slip stitch to close.

3. I added beads, ribbons and buttons to embellish the pincushions, but this step is totally a personal preference.

* Large Pincushion

I thought I would play with the hexagon for a little more and created this large pincushion.

1. Cut out 6 hexagon pieces, one 2 1/2"x 23 1/2" strip and 2 large circles for the top and the bottom. Again, you can use the printable PDF I have created.

2. I did paper piecing method for this one, so cut out 6 hexagon papers without the seam allowance.

3. Piece the hexagon side by side.

4. Place the pieced hexagon onto the circle piece and pin. The fabric I wanted to use for this wasn't wide enough, so I came up with the design and pieced it, but it will be much easier to do one solid piece for this. Stitch the hexagon pieces to the fabric.

5. Leaving an opening a few inches wide, sew the long strip to the top and the bottom circle pieces. Turn the fabric inside out and stuff. Slip stitch closed.

I think it would be fun to make a bunch of small ones as a gift for your sewing/quilting friends. With different combinations of fabrics and embellishments, you can totally make them unique. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Blue Summer Dress

I don't know about you, but I love dresses and skirts. Especially light and airy Summer dresses made out of cotton. I found this blue cotton fabric a few years ago for really cheap (I believe it was around $3 a yard) with the intention of sewing a Summer dress and I finally did it. I guess the hardest part for me is finding a pattern that I love.

I looked through my pattern bins and nothing caught my attention for this particular fabric. I started going through my old sewing pattern books I brought from Japan. If I remember correctly I bought the book 20+ years ago. Does that qualify for being called "Vintage"? Anyways, I found a dress made out of small floral prints in the book. I loved the shape of the dress, the pleated skirt, lots of buttons from top to bottom in the back, and the manipulated pleated front!

Measuring and creating the pleats was definitely more work than I normally do with other clothes making, but it was fun. I couldn't be happier with the results. I know I am going to wear this dress a lot this Summer.

Whatever you are working on right now, happy sewing everyone!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Refashion~ Long Skirt to Scalloped Edge Skirt

It is challenging to find a skirt for my daughter because if I go with the age on the tag most skirts are too big around the waist and too short in length. There are many times I look at a skirt made out of cute fabric at the store and wish that it was a few more inches longer. It is kinda nice that I can sew simple clothing or refashion for that matter. This post is one of my refashion examples.

I found a skirt at a thrift shop. It is XS and has a draw string to adjust the waist. I don't have to do anything there. Also, the fabric is cut in diagonally; the skirt will fall nicely around her. I just need to cut the maxi length shorter, but wait... I wanted to do something fun.

1. Cut the skirt to the desired length. Also, cut a 2 1/2" strip right down to use it as a bottom facing. The rest? You can throw it out.

2. Trim off some fabric from one side of the strip so that it will fit nicely with the bottom edge of the skirt when you use it as facing. Sew the ends together to create a big loop and take care of the edge to prevent fraying. Also, Use a serger or zigzag stitch to take care the edge one long side of the facing before you attach it to the skirt.

3. With right sides together, pin the facing to the bottom edge of the skirt. Measure the bottom edge of the skirt to figure out how many and how big the scallops you want for the edge. Because the skirt you are going to work with will most likely be a different size than mine, so I won't specify a numbers, but an easier way to do this after you know the length of the bottom edge is to divide the length with the number of the scallops you want to use. Now, use that number as a diameter to create the circle. use this circle as a template and draw a line around the bottom of the skirt.

4. Sew 1/4" inside of the line.

5. Trim. It is kind of a tedious step, but this will help create a nice smooth edge on the scallops.

6. Turn the facing inside out. Press with iron.

7. It is totally up to you to end the process here to keep it simple. If so, you will want to finish off with the blind stitch on the hem. Having fun didn't end here for me, I decided to add some embellishments on the skirt with skinny string and some simple applique. For the string, I tied a bow and sewed that on to the peak. Then, I eyeballed it and stitched it along the scalloped edge.

8. For the applique part, I ironed the double sided fusible web on one side of the fabric. Traced the design I decided to use and cut them out. Then I peeled off the paper to stick it to the skirt with an iron. Follow the manufacture instruction for this part. Used zigzag stitches to go around the edge.

That is is! The skirt fits perfectly on my daughter and she loves this easy going one of a kind skirt! It is so nice to see that she loves the skirt as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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