Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Flare Sleeve Top and Simple Skirt

My recently turned 15 year old daughter is now taller than me and has started to borrowing my clothes. I always wondered when she would even be interested in my clothes. Turns out that we have different styles, but there are some common likes that we share. I am just happy that I could share some of my clothes and jewelries (a selected few) while we have a mother-daughter talk and enjoy each other's company. I was looking in my fabric closet; two fabrics stood out to me and pretty much right away, I knew what I wanted to sew with them. 

I just used the same pattern I used in my previous post and modified the sleeves, so it would flare out more. For the skirt, I measured her hips and based on that I drew lines directly onto the fabric to cut out the parts I needed. No pattern, the waist is just elastic, you can't get any simpler than that. :) I thought she might say "EWW" to an olive green skirt, but surprisingly, she liked it! They fit perfectly on her and she looked a bit grown up.


  1. Sachiko, Your daughter is beautiful
    She looks just like you (no surprise, just thought I would say that haha)
    She looks beautiful in this lovely outfit. I loved sewing for my daughters when they were teens. I think they also liked the original clothes.... which brings back a nice memory of myself in jr and sr high school wearing my own hand made clothes. My friends were in awe.
    So, this is a wonderful age, 15. The skirts are easy to make. I now use "junky" fabric (yes there is that) to make simple skirts for my grand girls. They are little and they are always delighted to put clothes on and off. At present, I am making a "fancy" jacket for a 3 to 5 year old play time. It is red
    I hope you have a lovely Wednesday.

  2. Oh, my goodness! She has grown up so quickly. How did that happen? :-) She does indeed look more grown up. Pretty colors and designs.

  3. She looks like a mature, young lady! Very attractive! Love the outfit as well!


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