Thursday, September 2, 2010


I have been blogging for over two years, and sometimes I get email (or comments) asking me questions. I always try to reply to them, but if you are one of the people who sent me an email and never got a response, I am so sorry! Usually, what happens is, I read an email and if I don't have enough time to respond I tend to forget to do so...

I realized that I don't have a "FAQ" page up. So, I decided to post some of the most asked questions and answers today.

Q : What are the terms and conditions for linking and posting your post on my blog?
A : As long as you give me rightful credit and preferably a link back to my blog, I will be happy to be linked and featured!

Q : What sewing machine do you own?
A : I have a Baby Lock Espire Quilter Dream Series. It was a gift from my husband.

Q : I am worried about raw edges on my ruffles. Does it fray after washing?
A : So far I have worked with many different t-shirt materials, and so far they are fine.

Q : Is there any particular t-shirt name brands you use?
A : I use Gap, Old Navy, and Down East so far. I am always looking out for great deals!

Q : After I washed the ruffle shirt, the ruffles shriveled up. How do you keep your ruffles look nice?
A : When I wash my ruffle shirts, I put them in a laundry net, if the t-shirt is thin material, I use the delicate cycle. After the wash, I then hang them dry. I never put them in the dryer. When you put the ruffle t-shirt in the dryer, the ruffles will curl up, and also, the heat will damage the fabric quickly. I pull all the ruffles by hand when I hang the shirt, so I won't have to iron them later. The thicker materials tend to hold their shape better.

Q: Do you sell your ruffle shirt?
A : I thought about it, but to make the ruffle shirt, I need two of the same shirts, and I have to find really good deals. Otherwise the shirts will be expensive to begin with and when I calculate my time, the shirt will be not so affordable. Also, there is no guarantee that I can find the color and the size of the shirt someone ordered at the price I want. So no I don't sell them.

Q : Sounds like you are a very busy mom, how do you manage your time to do everything?
A : I have a schedule that I try to follow. Also, I always try to maximize the time I have by doing multiple things at once. For example, If I am waiting in the carpool lane at school or martial arts studio, I will be either working on my projects, helping my kids with their homework, or reading a book I've wanted to read. If I am in the kitchen cooking, I will also be doing laundry, making phone calls that I needed to make, or ironing. I hardly ever watch TV either. I would rather do something else. :)

There are other questions too, but those are the ones I get the most often. I will make the page for this for future reference. I really enjoy getting emails and comments from you all, Thank you so much for visiting!


  1. I started my blog a month ago, I was think about FAQ recently...You have framed it very well. Thanks !

  2. Thanks for all the 'answers'! Love your blog!

  3. Thanks for the time you put in to this. (I'm glad to know I'm not the only person on earth who irons.)

  4. If a really big fan (who used to live in your neighborhood and considers you a close friend)would provide two of the same kinds of T-shirts, how much would you charge her to make a ruffle shirt?

    Serioulsy, not only are you an amazing quilter, you are a clothing designer worthy of international fame. Love what you create.

  5. Awesome FAQ! I haven't done that either but I don't think anyone is that interested in little ol' me. Hehe.

    Loving your work!

  6. Thanks for the answers - I was also wondering how you washed your ruffle shirts - now I know!
    See you next Wednesday :)


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