Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tutorial ~ Radiant Orchid Meadow Necklace

I posted about the Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores National Craft Month Campaign in my last post. It is where you can find four types of trends for this Spring on Jo-Ann Spring Inspiration Website and I will choose one theme (or more) and create something fun. After I created the Geometric Two-Layered Skirt I rolled up my sleeves and started working on my second project. The rest of the themes were "Nautical", "Floral", and "Radiant Orchid". I came up with a floral necklace with radiant orchid, so,two birds in one stone? I didn't intended to, but it just happened that way. :)

Joann is offering a $5 off coupon for purchases totaling $25 or more during their National Craft Month, but hurry, it is ending soon!

Now, are you ready to see what I came up with for the themes "floral" & "Radiant Orchid"?

{You will need}* I ended up not using the lace flower on the left hand side, but I used the other items in the picture

Two types of silk flowers --- to have the look in the finished picture you need 1", 1 1/2" and 2" flowers each with dark color. Also you will need Hydrangea in a lighter shade.

One string of coordinated beads string --- it contains several different colors and sizes in one string, so you can create more interesting look without breaking the bank

One string of pearl beads in lilac

2 - buttons

2 - 4 1/2" of chains

2 - Jump rings (these will go to the back)

1 - Lobster (this is a parts that will open and close for you to be able to put the necklace on)

7 - Head pins

6 - Eye pins

Several large split rings (to attach the buttons to the chains). I used 2 but if you want to add more you can

1 - 4" X 8" fabric scrap that would go with

Matching thread, fabric glue, and basic tools for jewelry making

{How to }

1. Prepare the silk flowers. First, take the flowers off the stem. Then, separate all the parts and take the plastic pieces out from both type of flowers.

2. For the three larger flowers, sew a bead in the middle from the bead string. For the hydrangea, layer three flowers together and sew small pearls in the middle. make sure that the larger flower peddle will be at the bottom.

3. Open the Jump rings and add it to the chains. On one of them you need to add Lobster as well and close.

4. Put the eye pins through the beads you are going to attach to the chain. I linked three glass beads together on both sides, then attached them to the chains from step three. Now you have two chains with beads hanging from the bottom.

5. Put the head pins through the beads and pearls and prepare them to attach to the chain in the same way that you did in step 4. I also took one piece of hydrangea folded in 1/4 then sewed it to the chain on both sides.

6. Print out the PDF template to create the backing for the flowers. I sewed the edges with a zig-zag stitches to prevent fraying. you could also use fray check.

7. I used fabric glue to glue on the flowers. Lay them out first to see where exactly you want the flowers to go then start gluing them from larger petal to smaller. Then I started adding hydrangea petals. Set it aside and wait until it is dry.

8. Sew the end of the beads to the fabrics.

Now... it is done!

I am so happy how it turned out. I wore the necklace with an ivory blouse and a smoky lilac cardigan for the picture, but I also have a darker shade tunic that could go with the necklace. I think a blended look can also be nice. :)

How was my craft challenge? I love picking my brain and participating in challenges like this. Thank you Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store for letting me be a part of such an event!

* Disclosure: This review is part of the Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores National Craft Month campaign. I received compensation for this review; however, this is my personal honest opinion based on my experience.


  1. You are so pretty and talented!

  2. you have such a gift for creating beauty!

  3. this is adorable! and this color palette is spot on trend right now! I love this and may be making a trip to Joanns this wknd!! :)

  4. Beautiful!
    Just when I try to make something like that, it looks... weird, and yours look amazing! Must be some magic in your fingers :)

  5. I love this!! I have such a hard time committing to projects and finishing them! I would take this on now, but have 3 waiting to complete!

    I will add this to my ever growing list and will post/give you credit whenever I make it.

    Thanks and blessings!

  6. Sweet and beautiful as usual! Thank you for the nice tutorial.

  7. Absolutely stunning luv the colours.
    Chris x

  8. Absolutely Beautiful!!

    What a stunning awesome necklace

    you made!!

    Thanks for sharing it all!!

  9. The necklace is awesome! And thank you for the thorough tutorial!

  10. It is lovely!! Beautiful creation as always!

  11. Love seeing your necklace and other projects of yours showing up on Joann's pins.

  12. Oh, this necklace is so beautiful! Love the colors!
    Domestic cleaning SW8

  13. How beautiful!!! Thank you for your wonderful tutorial. I will have to try making something like this for my spring weardrobe. Not that I need another project but this is stunning.

    I always love your creativity.

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