Thursday, November 4, 2010

Multi-Purpose Necklace Set

I have been inspired by the beautiful fall colors lately. Usually, I love white, ivory pearls, but I have decided go for a slightly darker pearl paired up with a copper chain to make my necklace. Also, I love things that are versatile (well... sometimes I am so indecisive; I like to keep my options open). Then, I came up with this multi-purpose necklace.

There are three parts. The main necklace: large pearls with copper chain, smaller pearl necklace: that can be used as a choker, but also, it can attach to the main necklace. Then, the corsage; this can be used by itself, or attached to the necklaces.

The main necklace...

Pearl attached to main necklace...


All the parts put together...

Also, I wanted to make sure that the necklace will go with black...thanks to my loving husband, we did a fun photo shoot one afternoon.


  1. So lovely! The necklace set is so beautiful as much as you are :)

    I truly enjoy all of your creations; thanks for the inspirations! いつも楽しませてもらっています♪

  2. I love the necklace, it is beautiful! I love the darker colors you chose for the pearls and the chain - very classy!


  3. That is so pretty! I love that they can be worn together or alone, that is a perfect idea... and your photo shoot with your hubby turned out beautifully too, you look gorgeous! Theresa xoxo

  4. Fantastic!! I'm inspired to do some necklace making myself today!

  5. Lovely, thank you for sharing the necklace with us...I love it! This is a great gift idea.


  6. that's really beautiful!!
    So elegant looking :)

  7. It's so pretty! Love the pictures--you are so beautiful!

  8. Great idea! And how beautiful you look!

  9. aww, what a sweet hubby! I love the color combo. This is gorgeous. Please stop by and link this to my ”Sweets This Week” Link Party. Have a great weekend.


  10. where did you get everything to make it? Its really nice. you did a wonderful job on it.

  11. This is the good blog with good images and good details. Please keep on posting the more stuff. I will like to hear more from you.

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  12. Haydens Grandma Darcey

    Thank you for your nice comment! I bought all the material from local craft stores like Joanns and Robers.

  13. This is so pretty--I love the color of the pearls and the copper finish. Very nice!


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