Sunday, September 2, 2012

Link Love No.82!

We had a crazy thunder storm last night which is rare in Utah. I slept through most (once I am out, I am out!) of it, but Mr. TRH and the kids woke up, and I vaguely remember seeing all three boys, I mean Mr. TRH and both boys glued to the window and watching outside. They were all so excited about it. I remember the boys saying things like "COOL, did you see the lightning?!" or "WOW, awesome!!".....Then, our little Ms. Rachel... came in half crying because she was scared.

Mr. TRH later told me that, after he popped Rachel into our bed all three of them went down stairs and watched the storm, they boys even played in the rain for bit (at this point, I said "WHAT?!") they were so wired up and couldn't go back to sleep, so they stayed up and played the Wii.

The kids didn't take a nap at all, and right now after 10:00 pm, they are still up! We are pretty relaxed on weekends- schedule wise, so I don't mind that they are up, but seriously, where is the energy coming from?!? If I am smart enough to invent a device to suck out their energy and bottle it up for me to use, I will be a millionaire, don't you agree?

I have the link loves for this month, are you ready for them?

Whether you own this IKEA chair or not, I thought this was a great tutorial to give you an idea of how to recover a simple chair...Mandy Made shared her terrific tutorial on her blog, doesn't it look fantastic?

The fall items are already in shops, I was thinking about wardrobes and accessories. Little Treasures created this pretty necklace, and I think it is nice for the upcoming seasons. LOVE the mustard color!

Grow Creative created these cute lanterns out of recycled tin cans. In her tutorial, there are some very helpful tips to create this lantern. This will be a perfect summer craft with the kids, but wouldn't it be fun to make Halloween lanterns as well?

This Half Moon modern baby quilt was linked from flicker by BGMom1. I love the happy colors and simple design of this quilt. I want it for my living room!

I love this multi colored crocheted rosettes wreath by Sweet Bee Buzzing. I would love to see something like this on the wall; it will instantly put me in a happy mood! :)

Which link inspired you the most this month? I bet there were many, and you are ready to create now. My next link party will be the last Wednesday of September; which is the 26th. I will be waiting to see your creations!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my Half Moon Modern Roller Rink baby quilt!

  2. I love storms and I totally understand your kids and husband's excitement!
    Thank you for featuring my bib necklace! It was a terrific surprise for me :)

  3. Aw, thank you for featuring my wreath!! It certainly is a happy thing to look at :)

  4. Wow. Thanks for featuring my chair! I'm so flattered :)


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