Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Basket style bags

One of my favorite things to do is to go to second hand stores or garage sales and find something that will stimulate my ideas. These are the three basket style handbags I had fun recreating and making.

Originally, this was a deeper basket and had a long handle. At first I couldn't decide if I liked it or not, but since I liked the color, I decided to take it home. Usually it takes a few days for me to make up my mind and decide what to do with my new project, unless a good idea hits me rigth away; I don't want to mess it up. I cut off the old handle and a few inches off the top and added a new handle. I used the same fabric as the new handle to finish the top too. This bag is so soft and one of my favorite bags for this summer.

This one had a dome shaped lid with latch but it was broken. So I brought it home and took the broken part off, added new lining and a new top. For the finishing touch I used a glue gun to put decotive trim around the edges. Since the handle is so delicate I don't use this basket as often as I would like to, but every now and then when I go out by myself I take it with me.

The last one, I actually crocheted it. Call me crazy but the material I used to make this was so tough on my hands that I thought I developed arthritis the next morning. I will never do this again. Althouth, I love the result I got. I used table cloth to finish off the bag. I love this bag because it has the primitive/shabby chic charactor I was after.

I think it is a great feeling to take the ideas in your head and actually create something you can see and feel. It is a sense of accomplishment. I am always looking for new projects I can put my heart and hands on.
Everybody, happy creating!


  1. Are you kidding?! Those bags are gorgeous!!! Your talents amaze me! Big things are in store for your "micro business"!

    I'm looking forward to Super Staurday...how lucky are we to have you on the committee! Thanks for sharing your talents with everyone.

    Cheers and love!

  2. How do we Buy one of these gorgeous bags. Thank you for all the bows for baby Leilah.

    Love ya

  3. Truly an amazing talent. I am so impressed!


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