Friday, June 28, 2013

Book Review ~ Zakka Handmades by Amy Morinaka ~

I am very excited to share a special book review and giveaway with you!

Amy Morinaka, who is the mastermind of Chick Chick Sewing just came out with her new book called "Zakka Handmades". The book contains 24 projects that will help organize, adorn and simplify your life. I have known her blog for a few years now, and I admire the things she makes and the quality of her work.

I was thrilled to receive the book in the mail one day, and decided to get my hands going right away! I chose to make the "Fabric Bucket" on page 28 through 33. Her instructions are very easy to understand, and in no time, I had a cute and useful fabric bucket in my hands. I made my fabric bucket with laminated cotton for the exterior, and regular cotton for the lining. I love how it turned out.

There are so many ways I could think of using this bucket to organize our stuff, especially between the move. I put some children books in it for now, and they are just perfect, sitting right next to the chair.

Then the thought hit me...wait a minute...maybe I can use this as a bag too...

The possibilities are endless, wouldn't you agree? Would you like to see the other 23 projects in the book?

Besides purchasing the book at the store or online, there is a chance to win!

Amy is giving away a book to a Tea Rose Home reader today!

{Giveaway rules}

Leave a comment on my blog. Do you have question for Amy? What kind of zakka items do you hope to make? You will be entered in for the giveaway!
I will end the giveaway on July 4th, and announce the winner on the 5th. The giveaway is for US residents only. When all the blog tour participants are done with their giveaways on their blog, the publisher is going to send the books to the winners.

Sounds fun? Go ahead and participate! :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fat Quarter Series at U-Create

Hi everyone! I am visiting U-create today to share my project for the Fat Quarter Series. The Fat quarters of choice were these...

Aren't they so different and unique? I hope I trigger your curiosity to see what I came up with. Head over to U-create to see the complete tutorial!

I wouldn't hate a kind comment or two.:)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Few Fun Announcements

I have few fun announcements to make for what I am going to participate in this week!

The first announcement is that I am in part of Zakka Handmade’s Blog Hop and doing a book review. My blogging friend Amy from Chick Chick Sewing published her first book. I am SO excited for her! Here is the line up of the participating bloggers and schedule. I am scheduled for this Friday. I hope you will stop by to see what I decided to make from her book. :)

6/24/13 - Kerry verykerryberry
6/26/13 - Jeni In Color Order
6/28/13 - Sachiko Tea Rose Home
7/1/13 – Amber One Shabby Chick
7/3/13 – Kristen Feeling Stitchy
7/5/13 – Hiromi Harujion Design
7/8/13 – Amy nanaCompany
7/10/13 – Lisa and Sarah A Spoonful of Sugar
7/12/13 – Mette Erleperle
7/15/13 – Sarah and Rachel Roxy Creations
7/17/13 - Anna Noodlehead

The second announcement is Kari and Becky from Ucreate asked me to be a part of the Fat Quarter Series. What is the Fat Quarter Series???

Basically, we will all come up with a project using fat quarters, and share the tutorials with you. I think it is such a fun way to exchange some ideas. Do you have lots of fat quarters on your shelf (I am guilty of that too...)? Then you might enjoy this series. Here are the list of the participants and the schedule. I am scheduled for the 26th, so make sure to come back or go to Ucreate to see what I came up with!

6/17 - Jill @ Create.Craft.Love
6/18 - Liz & Elizabeth @ Simple Simon & Co
Christie @ Lemon Squeezy Home
6/19 - Nancy @ owen's olivia
Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts
6/20 - Delia @ Delia Creates
Kimbo @ A Girl and a Glue Gun
6/21 - Melissa @ Polka Dot Chair
Autie @ iCandy Handmade
6/22 - Kelly @ Sewing in No Man's Land
Megan @ Brassy Apple
6/24 - Amy @ Diary of a Quilter
Rachel @ Family Ever After
6/25 - Bev @ Flamingo Toes
Sarah @ Craft Snob
6/26 - Abby @ Sew Much Ado
Sachiko @ Tea Rose Home
6/27 - Amber @ Crazy Little Projects
Ashley @ Mommy by Day Crafter by Night
6/28 -Angelina @ JoJo and Eloise
Jessica @ Craftiness is not Optional
6/29 - Crystal @ A Pumpkin and a Princess
Jessica @ The Sewing Rabbit

The third announcement is one of my pillows was mentioned on "Sew it Today"

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tutorial~ One Direction Bracelet

Today I am going share a very simple way to make a fabric bracelet, which looks good for guys too. With the directions I am providing, you can create two. It is so fun to mix and match many different colors, or just do simple two tones. Since it is so easy to make, it will be a great Christmas gift for your friends too, if you are thinking that far ahead! :)

Here are the things you need to in order to make two:

Several different fabrics 1/8 yard each
Matching thread for your machine
Four sets of snap buttons

{How to}

1. Trim off the sides of the fabrics. Cut 4 1/4" wide strips.

2. Use the 45 degree line on your cutting ruler, cut 1 1/2" wide angle strips from several different fabrics.

3. Line them up to decide what color combination you want. Sew them together.

4. Trim both sides and cut 2 pieces of 1 1/4" wide strips.

5. Sew another set of strips for the opposite side. Make sure that the direction of the fabrics will form a "V" with the opposite side of the strip you already have sewn.

6. Now you have two sets of bracelet strips.

7. When you sew them together, make sure that the seams are going in opposite directions. That way the seam will sit flat.

8. Cut a fabrics strip for the back. 2" by whatever the length of your bracelet. Leaving a 3" opening and sew around the edges.

9. Snip off the corners for a cleaner finish.

10. Turn the fabric inside out. Press with an iron and top stitch around it.

11. Mark where you want the snap buttons to go.

12. Follow manufacturer’s directions provided on the package to add the snaps to the bracelet and it is ready to wear it!

I made several different color combinations of bracelets.

Here are some tips....

If you would like to have more colors shown closer, you can cut your strips narrower during step 2. Depending on the measurement of the wristband you are making, you can always add or take away the strips to adjust it.

I hope you will have fun with it.

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Coming Soon

I have been spending time with my kids and I am in and out of the house all the time. Though... I have a new bracelet tutorial to share with you soon. I just need to take the time to sit down and write it up!

So, I would be happy if you would come back to check it out when you got some downtime of your own in this very busy summer time. :)

Keep enjoying summer and I will see you at the next post.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hi all! I have been soaking in the busyness of summer with my kiddos every day, but I wanted to quickly check in.

Stairs to the second floor. The contrast of wood and the blue sky looks so beautiful!

I can't help but go check on the progress of our house every chance I get. Our builder had a slow start, but once they started they are pretty fast! Today while I was shopping for my sons’ new suite for church, one of my close friends called me. She decided to drive by the site and found that they were putting the shingles on to the roof. Wow!

I wasn't planning to go see it, but ohhh... I couldn't resist. I had to drive by.

As she told me, a couple people were working on the shingle on the roof. Also, I noticed that the concrete on the porch and driveway were poured too. It’s starting to look more and more like a house. Who knew that seeing the driveway and porch would make me so giddy!

The interest rates are climbing back up, and I have been biting my nails. I am really hoping that we can move in to our house soon.

I have been sewing when I have spare time, buy I can't share them for a little while... I can't wait to get back in to more sewing and blogging.

I hope you all are having a great summer, I will see you at the next post!
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