Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hi all! I have been soaking in the busyness of summer with my kiddos every day, but I wanted to quickly check in.

Stairs to the second floor. The contrast of wood and the blue sky looks so beautiful!

I can't help but go check on the progress of our house every chance I get. Our builder had a slow start, but once they started they are pretty fast! Today while I was shopping for my sons’ new suite for church, one of my close friends called me. She decided to drive by the site and found that they were putting the shingles on to the roof. Wow!

I wasn't planning to go see it, but ohhh... I couldn't resist. I had to drive by.

As she told me, a couple people were working on the shingle on the roof. Also, I noticed that the concrete on the porch and driveway were poured too. It’s starting to look more and more like a house. Who knew that seeing the driveway and porch would make me so giddy!

The interest rates are climbing back up, and I have been biting my nails. I am really hoping that we can move in to our house soon.

I have been sewing when I have spare time, buy I can't share them for a little while... I can't wait to get back in to more sewing and blogging.

I hope you all are having a great summer, I will see you at the next post!

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  1. Your house is looking really good! I have never lived in a "brand new" house in my whole life before, and I assume it must be a wonderful feeling!!

    Hope you're enjoying your summer with your kids. Our girls are still in school but their summer will begin soon... which is making me quite nervous(lol)!


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