Monday, June 17, 2013

Tutorial~ One Direction Bracelet

Today I am going share a very simple way to make a fabric bracelet, which looks good for guys too. With the directions I am providing, you can create two. It is so fun to mix and match many different colors, or just do simple two tones. Since it is so easy to make, it will be a great Christmas gift for your friends too, if you are thinking that far ahead! :)

Here are the things you need to in order to make two:

Several different fabrics 1/8 yard each
Matching thread for your machine
Four sets of snap buttons

{How to}

1. Trim off the sides of the fabrics. Cut 4 1/4" wide strips.

2. Use the 45 degree line on your cutting ruler, cut 1 1/2" wide angle strips from several different fabrics.

3. Line them up to decide what color combination you want. Sew them together.

4. Trim both sides and cut 2 pieces of 1 1/4" wide strips.

5. Sew another set of strips for the opposite side. Make sure that the direction of the fabrics will form a "V" with the opposite side of the strip you already have sewn.

6. Now you have two sets of bracelet strips.

7. When you sew them together, make sure that the seams are going in opposite directions. That way the seam will sit flat.

8. Cut a fabrics strip for the back. 2" by whatever the length of your bracelet. Leaving a 3" opening and sew around the edges.

9. Snip off the corners for a cleaner finish.

10. Turn the fabric inside out. Press with an iron and top stitch around it.

11. Mark where you want the snap buttons to go.

12. Follow manufacturer’s directions provided on the package to add the snaps to the bracelet and it is ready to wear it!

I made several different color combinations of bracelets.

Here are some tips....

If you would like to have more colors shown closer, you can cut your strips narrower during step 2. Depending on the measurement of the wristband you are making, you can always add or take away the strips to adjust it.

I hope you will have fun with it.

Happy sewing!


  1. Wow Sachiko, you chose such beautiful color combinations for these!

  2. Love this bracelet! So cute, thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Amazing! I like these fabric bracelets. Thanks for sharing from Mugwaii Blogspot (
    Have a good day, ~Melissa

  4. Amazing! Beautiful fabric bracelets. I like these bracelets. ~Mugwaii Blogspot (, have a good day, Melissa

  5. That's so cute! I can't wait to try this

  6. THANKS for sharing your tutorial, "One Direction Bracelet." Like Anna said: "Great idea!" Fabric in hues make a fashion statement for young girls. IDEAL GIFT for birthdays. You've included simple directions with sharp photos and sewn several! Sarah in Minneapolis


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