Monday, December 1, 2008

Yes it is official!!

Aaron does not like listening to Christmas songs or watching Christmas movies and of course decorating the house for Christmas 'till Thanksgiving is over. I don't really care, so I decided to respect his opinion this time like every good wife would do. I waited to do all those things until the 28th, the day after Thanksgiving. While the boys and I decorated the tree, we were listning to Christmas songs. We were smiling and humming (eventhough Michael had a tonsilectomy the day before Thanksgiving, he was so happy to be able to decorate the tree; he loved helping so much!)

It is already December and official that Christmas is near!! I just love this season. Here are the list of things I love about the Christmas season.

1. Christmas music. My favorites are Josh Groban, Charlotte Church, Enya, and Frank Sinatra
2. Christmas movies. Every year I watch "While You Were Sleeping". That is my ultimate favorite movie. I also like "It's a Wonderful life". Some of my friends suggested that I watch "white Christmas" so that might become my favorite too!
3. Going to see the lights at Temple Square with hot chocolate and doughnuts! Sure I get cold but I can not stop smiling when I am there, lots of happy memories.
4. Wrapping Christmas gifts. It is exciting to imagine how the kids will be when they open up their presants. It makes me feel so appriciative to know that we will be able to do it.
5. I think more people are so nice and very generous towards one another. It is simply nice to know that people still care.
6. I am not going to lie.... yes some receiving is also exciting. Thanks honey!
7. I got baptized on Christmas day. I think more about our Savior, Jesus Christ in the month of December. I feel so blessed and grateful to know about the Gospel.

To make the cold nights a little bit warmer for movie watching, I made flannel pajama bottoms for the kids! (Old Navy made the tops) They were so excited.

I love December!!


  1. うちも一緒だよ、スティーブがサンクスギビング終わってからでないとクリスマスの準備はしない。

  2. Love the pictures. Happy Birthday by the way... tomarrow right? You can come to my house and decorate anytime. Sorry to hear about the T&A- all my kids had them removed this last year. It is really painful when the scabs fall off. Use a humidifier until 14 days post-op, this helped my kids out a ton, of course no MD will tell you that. Who did the sug? Let me know if you need anything!

  3. I love Christmas time, too! Steve and I have the same deal every year, too--he would much rather give Thanksgiving it's WHOLE weekend and not crowd Christmas in on the Friday after. But, I do the decorating, so it's almost always up the day after and I love it! I also LOVE love While You Were Sleeping. It's not Christmas/New Years without that show!

  4. I love those kids! They are too cute!!

  5. There is nothing like Christmas music! I know it is hard for some people to listen to any earlier than Christmas, but when I was growing up we listened to it all year round and I LOVE it!
    The pijamas are super cute!

  6. Oh wait, one more thing. For sure White Christmas should be added to your list. I watched it yesterday! One of my favorites!

  7. your kids are so sweet I like them very much.You were really blessed.You are lucky...


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