Wednesday, January 14, 2009


You are probably wondering about the new icon I have to the right of my blog.

I just learned about the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). Let me give you a little history first. Back in 2007 there were a lot of product recalls because dangerous amounts of lead were found in the paint and plastics used to produce toys and childrens accessories. These items all came from China. In August of 2008 the government decided to expand its powers more and crafted CPSIA. This will go into effect February 10th 2009.

The CPSIA mainly effects small businesses, second hand stores, and crafters. We cannot sell anything for children under the age of 12 unless the product gets tested. The test fee is $175 for each component. That means, if I make a baby bow that has an aligator clip, beads, a flower, 2 different kinds of glue, ribbon, and thread; that is seven items, I have to pay $1,225 to get this one bow tested and approved. Currently I sell bows for $3 to $5. I have three choices, break the law and get fined or go to jail, sell the bows for $1230, or stop making bows. However, it doesn't stop there, toys, books, clothing, art, education supplies, materials for the learning disabled, bicycles, and more.

Second hand stores are adversly affected as well. Got some good used items that you were going to give to DI? Guess again, it could be illegal. If what you want to donate to charity is a toy your son or daughter played with just fine for the last few years, that too becomes illegal.

This is outrageous!!! This will adversly affect the economy. I'm trying to voice my opinion and get the law amended. Aaron has sent an email to Jason Chaffetz, our federal congressional representative, voicing his disdain for this bill and asking Jason to either have it amended or abolished. If you are interested in helping, please click on the new icon to the right and also contact Jason Chaffetz.

We can all make a difference.


  1. thanks for coming by today, it was nice getting to know you and kristen better. the dress you made for rachel is amazing. you are so talented!

  2. Wow, I haven't heard anything about that! I am sorry. What a mess!!!
    Let's get it taken care of!


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