Sunday, March 1, 2009

Can't Wait For the Season

In the last few weeks, I had some conversations with my friends and neighbors about how much we can't wait for the garage sale season to start. Finding great stuff at a garage sale is such a rush, I alway get so excited. We have a few months until the season starts; I've been going to various second hand stores in the last few weeks. I'm usually trying to find something that I can fix or refinish, vintage fabrics, and dishes; unexpected finds are nice too!

The cute tin cans I bought to organize the kids' small toys and legos. The picture frame is in such a great shape, it is almost like brand new, I'm going to paint it white and add it to my wall of pictures. Since our last name starts with "A", the "A" is the perfect decoration for our house.

These cute enamelware dishes are brand new with the price tag still attached. I found three of them. I thought it would be nice to decorate a room around them. As soon as I cleaned them and dried them out, Rachel took them without me knowing and started playing house.

The twin size sheets was brand new, but the flower print make the sheet look vintage. When I think about what I'm going to make out of the sheet and a vintage looking bandana I get a little skip in my step. (Little things like this make my life happier.) The green basket, I might paint a different color. The handbag looking basket, is from Nine West and is in perfect condition. LOVE IT!

These findings have satisfied my cravings... for a while. I'm still waiting for the season!


  1. Love the "A". I need an "N". You do have a good eye for things. Oh and I've been meaning to tell you how good your English is. Its always been good, but you sound like a complete native using all the idioms and everything. I'm impressed.

  2. NO! dont paint the little basket! it's perfect just the way it is!!! great finds!

  3. Golly...I wish my brain could tick like yours...even if it was just for a day...I see something and I think...oh was great in it's see it and think...oooh with just a little work it's FANTASTIC now! What do I need to do to use your brain for a day?


    Just let me know when you're wanting your me down to a day...and I'm there! I just have to bring my kids!

  4. I agree, don't paint the basket! I love the color and everything else too! Can't wait to see what ideas you had and what they will turn out to be! Thanks for sharing it


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