Friday, May 22, 2009

Kung Fu Panda night!

I have a friend who is so much fun and very creative. A while ago, she posted an activity she did for her children called "Kung Fu Panda Night". They ate noodles and pot stickers while they watched "Kung Fu Panda".

Our whole family loves that movie, and my boys are in to martial arts, so I planned to do this when they advanced to their belts; as a small celebration.

I made noodles and pot stickers and we watched the movie. It was a huge hit! They thought that was such a fun idea and LOVED IT!!

The apples had nothing to do with "Kung fu Panda", I was just being a mommy.

Thank you for the great idea Becky!

In my last post I said I will do a tutorial, but I just had to post this one tonight.

Have a wonderful Memorial day weekend everyone!


  1. What a great idea! My pot stickers will not be homemade, but I think we might try this for fun.

  2. mmmmm i love your food next time invite me!

  3. Now we need a noodles and potstickers tutorial, and one for that yummy sushi you made that one time...

  4. How fun! The food looks amazing! Thanks for sharing such a good idea.


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