Friday, July 17, 2009

Vacation? Not Quite...

Well... this week has been very slow for me and it is a good thing. In my last post I mentioned that I was sick and that night, around 4:00 am, it got worse. I will skip all the details but, my sweet mother-in-law took all the children until Saturday, so my husband could go to work and I could rest. Thank you so much Mom!

All day Thursday I slept (well to tell you the truth I did a little bit of stitchery in the afternoon while in bed...). Today I still feel weird but I am doing better than I did on Wednesday. I stayed in bed and rested but I still worked on this a little bit.

Originaly, I was going to frame this but a different idea came to my mind, so I am going to wait and see what I really want to do.

Don't forget, I am going to post the give away winner tomorrow night.

Meanwhile I am continuing to rest (with some light sewing) and get better. Because my sick leave is ending soon.


  1. I hope you get back to normal soon. I had similiar symptoms earlier this week. Finally, I felt good on Wednesday. Get some rest!

  2. I'm sorry you've been sick. The octagon quilt is going to be oh so cute though. Can't wait to see it done. Take care of yourself first though.

  3. So sorry you aren't feeling well! Sounds like you have a great MIL. The quilt is looking BEAUTIFUL!

  4. i'm obsessed with grandmother's garden quilts i've started mine but of course it's going to take a back seat for a while so i can do EVERYTHING else! so it will probably never get done...yours is super cute!


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