Friday, August 13, 2010

Blue Elephant

One of my really good friends for a long time is expecting a baby soon. She had three girls first, and now this time she is having a boy... It is fun to shop for or make something for a baby with different gender from its older siblins. (well, at least for me, it was that way :) )

She found this really cute oil cloth online and asked me to make a diaper changing pad and a pouch to put diapers in as baby shower gift.

She basically told me that "I trust you, do whatever!" I was excited to work with such cute fabrics. After I found cotton fabric that would go with the oil cloth, I started working right away!

First I made the diaper changing pad, then the pouch... after that I made a bib. There are still some small leftover pieces, so I decided to make an organizer for nik naks.


I don't have a real "baby" anymore at home, but I love making things for babies, especially for my friends. Thinking about new born babies, the little fingers and little toes, warms my heart.


  1. Cute!!! You have made so much nice things. I love to read Your blog and get ideas from it.

  2. Oh my, these are so cute. I love the "nik nak" holder. Are you going to post a tutorial for this? I'd also be curious to know where your friend got the oil cloth; that fabric is so darling.

    Love it!

    -Christina :o)

  3. this oil cloth is adorable... like the little things you do with!!!!

  4. Great gift. Making baby things is fun. Isn't it?


  5. So cute! Your friend would be delighted!

  6. Oh my goodness! These are so adorable!

  7. hi Sachiko-san.
    I'm new here on your blog...however, I am already in LOVE with it! such great tips and ideas for gifts, sewing and crafts.
    Thanks for sharing all those with us.

  8. Beautiful color fabric. Your ideas are great. Fabulous gift!

  9. You are such a great sewer. Everything looks so lovely! I have been wanting to sew lunchbags for my kids, but as I was looking for oilcloths online, I find that it contains phtalates and is not suitable for children under 12. I was wondering did you friend get a special oil cloth?

  10. So cute! I love the oil cloth and the coordinating fabric you chose.

  11. Christina-

    Here is the link to the elephant fabric;
    It's in Japanese though...

    Cynthia Rahardja Clancy-

    I don't think that fabric is anything special or different than other oil cloths you see everywhere else.

  12. Awesome, love the pattern. It's too cute!

  13. Very cute! I love making baby gifts like these. There's even some great tutorials for baby gifts at!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous!


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