Friday, September 17, 2010

My Long Excuse

Oh, let me tell you what happened to our family this week...

Our minivan was having problems lately (again), last week I took the car in to the dealership, and they told me that it will cost us a little over $700.00. Now, this summer alone we spent over $3000.00 on the car. I was thinking to myself, "REALLY?!! AGAIN?!!" The car is a 2003 model and we bought it new in 2004, but after a while it became nothing but problems. We always take care of our cars, tire rotations, oil changes and all the other maintenance required. It was a BIG lemon. I told them that I will discuss this with my husband and return in a few days.

Well, on Monday, we were supposed to go to this fund raising dinner for a local school marching band. On the way there, the car started doing something weird. The heat level kept rising... We stopped the car on the side of the road, and after a while we started the car. Again, the heat level started rising. We repeated that several times and decided to turn around and go back home. Stop and Go, Stop and Go... and all of a sudden we started seeing smoke coming out from the hood...

After that, my husband and my oldest son (9 years old) got out of the car and started pushing. It was over a mile! Thankfully, some very kind motorcyclists stopped and helped push us home. I am extremely thankful for them!

After we got home, we took the other car and went to the fund-raiser, but we got home a lot later than our original plan, and we were all so exhausted... but we decided not to waste any more money on that car and just buy a new one. We were up late and started doing research on which minivan to buy.

The next day, after my husband got off of work, we went car shopping. We went to a couple car dealers, and by the time we decided to buy, we had a looooong discussion and negotiation process. By the time we got the paper work done, it was after 10:30 P.M.! Again, we were sooo exhausted.

We hope this car will last at least 12 years for us(I am crossing my fingers!). It was a long week, but we are all well and happy.

Long story short, all the above are the reasons (or excuses) for why I don't have any decent posts today. :) I hope you all understand.

Have a happy weekend!


  1. What a bummer...however; I'm curious to know what kind of van you had that was giving you problems?

  2. Drats !
    There is nothing like car trouble,
    There is NOTHING like car trouble.

    For certain, let's hope this one works out.


  3. Sorry to hear about the lemon car...but Congrats on the new one! :)

    Just Better Together

  4. Terrible. That is really a bad car experience. Do you mind if I ask what kind of car the lemon was? We may be buying a minivan in the near future.

  5. Cars are just money pits, it never seems to end. Congrats on the new one!

  6. I hear you! Just this summer we have spent almost as much fixing our van than what we bought it for (2001 bought in 2008). It's so frustrating. We are hoping for another year without problems and then we'll replace it.

  7. You have got to be kidding. We had a very similar mini van week.

  8. What did you get? Last Thanksgiving we got rid of our MPV too. They just aren't built to last long. If you got a regular minivan, you are probably loving all the space. That's how we feel.

  9. Hope you will enjoy your new car!!! we had a bummer with our last car to but found a godd one last winter before wintersport!!!! thanx heaven you are save...

  10. Sorry to hear that! Congrats on the new one! You don't have to apoligize for not posting anything!!! You never signed a contract!! LOL When you can , we know you will post again!! Take of you first!!
    Debbie Chapman

  11. Ok, many people wanted to know what our minivan was Mazda MPV. At first, I loved it. It was compact, yet had enough room for our family.

    It is too bad that the car turned out te be a lemon, but oh well, we live and learn, right?

  12. i am curious about brands too. what was the old and what is the new?

  13. Uggg! cars ca be so expensive, my husband's car has cost SO much, we can't wait till we have enough money to replace it. Hope your new one is much better!


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