Monday, February 7, 2011

Tutorial ~ Felt Banner ~

I showed you my collection of felts, several posts ago. Looking at them made me wanna make something to display the beautiful colors.

I have decided to make a banner. Now, this is nothing new. You might have seen something similar at other places. What I wanted to share with you is how I made the cuts. I did something a little different. I used rotary cutting tools, I would recommend to use old mats, that you are thinking about getting rid of. The fiber from the felt tends to get left between the cuts and it is hard to get it out.

{You will need}

Felt in several different colors


Rotary cutting tools

{How to}

* Cut

1. Trim a felt to 9" X 9" square.

2. Cut from corner to corner, and horizontally, vertically in the middle (4 1/2").

3. Mark 4 1/2" on the diagonal lines from the center.

4. Line up the ruler from the marking you made at step 3 to the tip of the horizontal and vertical lines. Cut using the picture as a guide, if my explanation was not clear.

5. Take two large triangles lay them together. Use the picture as a guide and cut the felt. You should have 8 triangles. Repeat the process with the rest of the triangles. This way, you will end up with 32 triangles. If you want to use the strip you trimmed off at step one, you could have some more.

* Sew

1. Use scrap felt to start sewing first. Keep stitching until you have the desired length of the thicker thread (you will need this part, to hang the banner later).

2. Start feeding the felt triangles. It is better not to space them too much, if there is too much space between the felt, the thread tends to tangle easily.

3. Keep going...


I made some mini banners from the scraps for my display shelf too.

This is very easy and inexpensive project. I want to make some for my boys' room now.


  1. These are so adorable. I love their petite size. Step #5 is confusing. Do you mean triangles, where you said squares?

  2. So cute! Thanks for showing the pictures of how to cut it out, too. The cutting part is what usually stresses me out the most!

  3. DJ Rose-

    Oh! Thank you so much for pointing that out! I don't know waht I was thinking. Yes, I meant to say "triangle" not "square". I fixed them all. :)

  4. love it! Very cute and easy too!

  5. Adorable...and how easy is that?!

  6. That is darling! What a fun way to use leftover felt!

  7. I am so excited to try this. eee!!!

  8. Thank you for the tip about using an older cutting mat. The banners are so bright a cheery!

  9. Thanks for the super tutorial. I have so much felt and this is the ideal way to use some of it up - cute, useful pressies for friends.

  10. I love this banner :) I'm thinking one could make them for each holiday too and season :) The kids will love it.
    thanks so much :)

  11. Ooh I love these! Great tutorial! I love how easy you made it seem. might have to make some soon.

  12. WOW, so cleaver, SO adorable!!! LOVE it!! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm your newest follower! :)

  13. I knew there had to be an easy way to cut triangles! I always make buntings for the kids birthdays, but I think I might try this one this time!

  14. ı like it. The colors are very cute.

  15. i love it.

    i owe you an email, i'm sorry.

  16. That's super cute, I love how it looks in felt! Thanks so much for the how-to, I'll be linking.

  17. So pretty! If you make any for your boys room, I would love to see! I have a hard time finding much inspiration for my sons room.


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