Saturday, November 26, 2011

Zig Zag Baby Quilts & Blanket

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I have been enjoying my family (and food!) the last several days. It is so nice not to worry about pick up time, homework, after school activities and all. I am going to indulge myself in this moment a little longer until Monday.

Meanwhile I have a few pictures of quilts that I made for my sister-in-law. She is having a baby girl soon (after three boys!!) I was able to give her the blanket this Thanksgiving.

Here they are;

I used Rolie Polie from the Lost & Found line by Riley Blake Designs, and I combined ivory fabric from my stash.

On the back, I appliqu├ęd the baby's initials for a more customized effect...

The quilt above is a combination of Red, black and ivory while the blanket below is gray, pink and Ivory. I only used one Rolie Polie plus my ivory fabric, and I got two blankets! For the back, I used soft terry cloth.

The baby is going to be born to a very loving family; awesome parents and THREE fun brothers. My Rachel has two older brothers to protect her, but at the same time they toughen her up. So, she love's all the girly stuff, but at the same time, she loves being a tomboy. Whenever she is with the guys (my boys, hubby and his brother), she is laughing at the burping sounds and worse, makes me worried a little, but I guess that will give her an "edge" to her personality.

I thought the zigzag design is perfect for a baby girl with three brothers to keep her on her toes. :)


  1. Beautiful quilt, Sachiko! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Gorgeous quilts, zigzag rocks! My daughter grew up with four brothers and is still a girly girl that also has 'an edge' and can outburp the boys when required..I am sure your little girl will be fine too. I hope your Thanksgiving is amazing.

  3. What a wonderful quilt!! I love the color combo and the initial on the back.

  4. They are so pretty!! Perfect for a little girl!

  5. Sachiko, is wonderful.......ciao from Italy M.Grazia

  6. I love it! She will be a lucky girl!!

  7. What a lovely gift and so perfect -- did you use a pattern? If so,where I would love to make this quilt for some little girl -- thank you :)

  8. ultraorganized-

    No, I didn't follow any pattern in particular. I made it up as I went along. Perhaps, I could make it into a pattern...;)

  9. Great job designing this one, Sachiko.
    Great Rolie Polie designs.
    btw, I grew up with four brothers. One older, the rest, well, younger.:*)

  10. I love it! You did a fantastic job. Your sister-in-law is so lucky.

  11. Would LOVE to see one of your well done tutorials on the zig zag quilt - I make Quilts For Kids (donation) and would enjoy doing this one for some small one --- thank you, thank you . . . Terry :)

  12. Ooo! I really love these, Sachiko!

  13. Beautiful! I'd love to see a tutorial, perhaps after the holidays? I am trying to wrap my mind around how you could have created that perfect zig-zag. :)

    You are very talented, and I find myself visiting your blog when I need a breath of fresh air. I love your sweet personality, your grateful attitude, and the obvious love you have for your family. You really inspire me!


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