Saturday, January 7, 2012

Guest Post ~ Single Stone Studios

Today, I have a guest post by Single Stone Studios. It is about making a statement with wall quotes and decals. I visited their site to browse, and let me tell you, boy, they have such a pretty, modern and fresh style! I had so many favorites; I don't think I have enough walls in my house. Go ahead and enjoy the post everyone!

Vinyl wall art with quotes is the latest revelation in our societies today.

There has always been something new and different for decorating homes for decades now and quoted wall decals has created a revolution in many communities. It is highly regarded and popular among many crowds as people look forward to decorate their home in a more modernized way with unique style statements. Many interior decoration services providing firms allow you to customize your own quotes as well to create a more personal and unique approach when it comes to decorating homes.

The quality of these wall stickers have also increased drastically due to the intervention of technology in developing these designs and stickers. Technology has allowed us to create more comprehensive and surreal designs that make your home look livelier and lovely.

Decorating your homes in the appropriate manner commands more respect for you and increases your stature in your community. In fact, people look up to you for suggestions and advice when they seek to decorate their homes. Also these stickers are created using comprehensive materials that incorporates reusability factor.

Essentially, it is quite flexible as you can re-decorate as and when you please. Removing an already existing wall decal does not damage your wall and removing it is quite easy as well. This reusability factor allows you to set a new mood and change the whole atmosphere as per your desires and requirements.

Single Stone Studios has many varieties of design that gives you an idea of how modern homes are decorated or rather created. It also tells you about how you could customize your own wall decals. Of course, there is many other similar websites online as well providing very resourceful information that is quite insightful. Take a look into them as I found it very useful while decorating my home.


  1. I love your blog, but in this case I have a bit of an issue with the statement "Decorating your homes in the appropriate manner commands more respect for you and increases your stature in your community". As an individual, I personally adhere to the theory that if you please yourself that is the important thing. I don't think I could stand to live in a house that was made to please those neighbours and community around me. Just because they like beige, doesn't mean I can't paint my house purple -- at least on the inside, if I want to. Sorry to say, but I do not agree with your Guest's point of view AT ALL. Even though some of their product does intrique me.

  2. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for your comment. I read the post and that part didn't really bother me. When I decorate my house, I always decorate for me and my family. But I do see what you are saying and can understand how that statement can be at odds with others.



  3. At first reading, I just went over that sentence. But, rereading it, it looks like it came out of a 1920 Home Economics book!!!

    However, flipping the coin over...think in terms of community in more narrow terms...your community of friends. Yes, if your style pleases you and looks great, friends may look to you for ideas--knowing you know their personality and what will fit them well..

  4. Always decorate your home as you and your family want. The main reason is that you and your family have to live in that house and if that is not according to your requirements you will not feel the comfort. But always consider the suggestions given by others may be some of them are handy for you.
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