Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Link Party No.84 and TRH 4th Anniversary Giveaway!

Hello everyone! Wow, I have been blogging for 4 years!? Actually, my bloggavesary was in September, but coming back from Japan, and with everything happening, I didn't plan well for the giveaway. I am sorry for keeping you guys waiting!

Blogging brought a new found joy into my life, even though sometimes I am not sewing or crafting and there isn't much to share, I still love to update my blog to talk to you all. So, thank you so much for still coming to visit me to see what I am up. :)

To show my gratitude, I have a giveaway every year... Are you curious to find out what I am giving away this year? Well, some of you guessed right, I am giving away some things I brought from Japan! Are you curious what they are?

They are...

Lariat style stitched bead necklace made by my sister. As I mentioned in my post before, she is an amazing beads artist. She will be happy that one of my readers will cherish and love her jewelry. There are several ways to wear this beauty, it is 32" long.

Origami and washi-tape set. The Origami is 9cm x 9cm and comes with 32 different Japanese style designs. You could do origami or use it for card making, modpage,etc...

What would you do with them?

This adorable A-line tank top is made by the collaboration of the Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo and Orla Kiely. It is size S (bust 77 - 83cm), and long enough to cover my rear. Wouldn't it be fun to add to your wardrobe?

This laminated cotton is printed by LECIEN. It is 20"x 22". If you are a bit worried about handling the laminated cotton, you can read the post I did a while back. It is such a cheerful and fun print!

The last but not least of the prizes are..."Bento set"! Sorry, there is not bento box for this set, but this set comes with an eco-bag (15 1/2"x 16 1/2"), laminated and lined bag (4 1/2"H x 4 1/2"D x 6 1/2"W), bunch of cute picks and a matryoshka bandana!

Don't forget, this post is also a link party post! So...I thought I would do this giveaway a bit different than the other giveaways that I have done in the past.

Here are the ways to enter;

1. Link up your project (1st entry)

2. Leave a comment and tell me your number for the link party project.

Note: Of course you will increase the chance of winning if you link up many projects, but I only count one comment per person.(2nd entry)

If you don't have anything to link up, you can leave comment on which "Trip to Japan" was your favorite. I will count the comment as 1 entry. :)

The winner will be announced on Monday, November 5th.

As usual here are the rules for linking:

1. Please post something YOU made. It doesn't matter if it is crochet, quilt, clothing, anything would be fine. I want to see it! If you use someone's idea or patterns please give them the rightful credit.

2. Link to your specific post, that way it is easier for everybody to find and read it.

3. Please grab the "Tea Rose Home" grab button, and link back from your post. If you can mention the party in your post or place the button on your side bar, that would be great! I want more people to have a chance to come and show off their creation.

That's it! Go ahead to link up and show us what you have been working on!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Motherhood, it's a Funny Thing

After I got back from Japan, it took me a while to get the house in order and myself adjusted to everything. Although, it seems like life just comes at you no matter what.

I have been away for only 2 weeks, but boy there are so many things we mothers go thorough emotionally and physically each day...

I will share some of the examples of what I mean;

Example 1:

We had our family night one Monday, went out for ice cream, then came back home. We told the kids to go upstairs to get ready for bed. I was in the kitchen cleaning up and packing their lunches for the next day, when all of a sudden; "BANG!!!!".

I froze. Mr. TRH runs up the stairs and found Michael on the floor. He fell off the bunk bed. It knocked the wind out of him, he was so pail... he told us that his wrist hurt and showed us the arm. It was SO obvious that it was broken.

We immediately piled in the car to rush to the emergency room. He was telling the doctor that he was "slowly" walking on the top bunk and stood up on the rail... Mr. TRH and I were giving each other glances and understood what he was doing. He was probably doing Ninja moves and running on the bed instead of "slowly walking", and slipped and fell. After a while they needed to fix his arm and sedated him, but when he came out of the sedation, he was extremely nauseated and I saw it was coming fast!

There was nothing to catch it and I... I caught it with my hands! Bahh... I have no idea why I did that, but it was a natural instinct as a mom. Sigh...

He is ok now, got a lot of attention, his cast signed and everything. Mr. TRH taught him a phrase to say when people ask him what happened, "I got into a fight, you should see the other guy" ha-ha.

We went home at 2 AM that night, so tired buy relieved it wasn't anything worse. He scared me to death!

Example 2:

My oldest son Christopher has been working hard this summer and started to earn some merit badges. I was happy for his accomplishments until Mr. TRH said, "Hey, you need to sew them onto his sash." Ugh, have you sewn scout badges? They are kind of hard to sew. Also, it is horrible for me to say this but it's not creative sewing, so it's not something I want to do.

As soon as he said that, a million ways to cut corners went through my mind. Can I use a glue gun? How about gorilla glue or can I staple it?

Well, I decided to do the conventional way and started to saw. Then a funny thing happened. As I was sewing each one of the badges, I remembered how much effort he put in to earn them and how excited he was. By the time when I was done sewing all of them, I was ready for more. I asked him "Where are the other merit badges? Keep it coming, buddy!"

Example 3;

One Friday I picked the kids up from school as usual, and then Michael said "Mom, I need a poster!"

My response was "What poster?"

"Mooooom (with a nasally voice), it's my birthday next week I need a poster to show the class."

Really?! I already had a bunch of things I needed to do that weekend, where am I going to squeeze in the time to make a poster? Well, to start with, I had to stop by the store to buy poster board and other stuff, it's not like I have those things just lying around. Just like the merit badge story, once I started, I was having fun making it.

I am guessing that just like the Grinch’s heart got bigger and bigger, us mother's hearts expand as we do things for the kids? No matter how busy we get, no matter how tired we get. Even when I went to Japan, the first few hours I was so excited for the "vacation" by myself, and then I started missing them even before I reached Japan.

Everything I saw, everything I ate, I always wished that they were there to experience with me... sounds corny, but I was thinking that the saying: "A mother holds her children’s hands for a while, but their hearts forever". I feel like it was the other way around, they got a hold of my heart forever. I was never alone in my thoughts while I was away. Isn't it funny, even though life gets so crazy and you get frustrated with them for many reasons, you love them more and more each day.

Ok, I have a funny story to tell you... I made the birthday week poster for Michel, and the day of his birthday, I was supposed to bring a treats for his whole class. I jumped into the shower, got dressed but my hair was still messy and no make-up on my face. I was trying to get the kids ready for school packing their lunches, washing dishes and all. Then, I felt like someone was watching. When I turned it was Michael.

I said "What?"

He said sheepishly, "Can I ask you something?"

"What do you wanna ask?"

"Um...are you wearing pajamas? Or is that clothes?"

I started to laugh so hard! Ok, here are the pictures of the dress I wore that day;

It is one of the dresses I bought while I was in Japan. Yeah, I can understand why he asked the question he asked. Picture me with that dress, messy bun, no make-up. No boots or scarf... oh yeah, half pulled up socks too. He must have thought that "Why did she take a shower and get dressed in different pajamas???"

Michael LOVES when I am dressed up and look nice. The other two kids couldn't care less. Isn't it funny how they are all different? I think he was a little worried that I might show up to his school wearing my new pajamas.

I am still learning this "Motherhood" thing and I guess I will never be done learning. Each stage of family life brings a different dimension to it. I just hope that I am always ready for new things, be humble enough to be teachable by the experiences and enjoy the ride. What is your take on motherhood?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Trip to Japan ~ Shopping Part 3

While I was there I bought some clothes (of course!). I bought a few items at the mall, but there were some great finds at the recycle shop. I was so surprised by their quality, and the range of selections. I will share the pictures of them in various posts.

I had so much fun window shopping at the mall. I still remember the time that the Japanese economy was strong (years ago), and people would spend lots of money on very expensive designer items. I guess for some people it is still that way, but most of the consumers are looking for more affordable yet high quality items.

When I went to the mall, I was pleasantly surprised to find many stores that carried budget friendly clothing. AND, they were so pretty! It was just so much fun to look at different things that I don't find in the U.S.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, it is no secret that I love clothing, but I am not big into following treads. I would add a hint of "in" items here and there to update my look, but I don't feel like I have to buy the hottest or greatest items.

Just like here in the United States, there were many different styles of clothing, but the particular style I kept being drawn to was clothing made out of linen, cotton, gauze and relaxed style. To some people such style may appear as shapeless, unsexy, untrendy, but I.LOVE.THEM.

I fell in love with this dress... it was love at first sight. The white skirt and the tank is something I had, it didn't come with the dress. It is made out of very light weight cotton.

I see you! I was messing with Mr.TRH while he was trying to take pictures.

Ivory white tunic: I found this at the recycle shop. I love the square neck with lace and it is made out of very soft gauze. I wore it with a skirt and ribbon that came with a different dress I had. I think it would be fun to wear it with skinny pants and flats too.

Blue robe: I honestly don't know what to call this. I guess it can be worn as a dress, but "robe" sounds like a better fit for it. When I found this at a shop in the mall, they had a soft black and Ivory as well. I loved them so much that I wanted them all, but I behaved and chose this one. It is very baggy, and I wish I had this while I was pregnant! :) It makes me so excited to think about the different ways to coordinate this unique piece.

As I mentioned, there are other ones, but I will share them as I have pictures to share. There are a few more posts to share from the "Trip to Japan" series, hang on tight; a giveaway post is coming up soon!

Monday, October 22, 2012


I felt like it was the talk of the town, well, at least among the people I hung out with... Everyone was talking about this new store that opened up in Provo. They said it was such an amazing store, and I also saw some things they bought there... hmmm... I had to go investigate.

The shop Harmony is located in the heart of Provo off of Center street.

I already had a feeling that I am going to love what I was going to see...

and I was right. The first thing that jumped out to me was the gorgeous choice of fabrics.

They don't have a huge selection but they carry a lot of the fabrics from my favorite designers such as Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Kaffe Fassett and more. I loved pretty much all the fabrics there, (in high pitch voice)

The opposite side of the hall I saw a shelf filled with beautiful colors of yarns... sigh... this is one of the great examples of "picture perfect" scenery.

When I stepped in to the room, there were more colors...

Looking at them made me want to learn more knitting and crocheting. I am seriously thinking about taking the classes they are offering.

There were lots to see in the hall too.

I was so pleased with everything I saw in the store and was thinking of which fabric to buy... when I entered this room filled with eye candy!

Look at all these trims! I found ones that I haven't seen at the local fabric stores. Oh THANK YOU for making my day such a happy one!

There are more goodies such as dolls for your little ones, hand stitched pillows for your couch, nice scents on your wrists, and craft tapes of which I don't think we can have too many. I mean, those are all great items for ourselves, but they are awesome birthday/Christmas gift items too.

You think you have seen it all, my friends? That is not all; that is not all...

When I stepped into the other room in the back, I saw Amy Butler's laminated cottons and spotted some clothing made out of my favorite fabrics... "Liberty of London".

The owner, Laura told me that one of her daughters designed and manufactured those clothes. She uses fabrics from Liberty of London! If you are interested visit her web site Pronk.

Harmony is such a gem in Provo, and it became my favorite shop.

My birthday and Christmas are coming Mr.TRH (hint, hint ;)), well I am just saying. :)

Here is the info to Harmony;

315 E. Center. Provo UT

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Silhouette Heat Transfer Projects

I had a chance to review some Flocked Heat Transfer sheets by Silhouette. I was thinking about so many different ways to use this... and decided to make something for me...

and something for the kiddos. I thought it would be fun to make stockings for Halloween morning.

I thought that velvety texture was perfect for the season. It would be nice to make a big project or it would be a great accent on small gifts for Christmas too! I have a group of friends that we always exchange gifts around Christmas. It is so much fun to prepare for that, but it can be a little stressful too, because I want to do something different each year.

Hmm... Can you hear the wheels in my head clicking? I think I am on to something.
What would you do with heat transfer, what would you make?

In case you are wondering, Silhouette has a variety of colors of heat transfer sheets.
I bet you can find what you are looking for!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Girl's Night Out ~ Joann's Fabric and Craft Stores~

Last Friday, I had a great opportunity to mingle with some of the amazing bloggers. Thanks to Jessica from Me Sew Crazy who organized this amazing night.

Even though I didn't attend the Sewing Summit, I felt like I was a small part of it.

Most of these wonderful people I met for the first time, but having the same interest makes it so much easier to become friends with everybody. I had a great time!

I attempted to take many pictures, but inside the restaurant was so dark and most of the pictures didn't turn out so great... Here are a couple pictures I can share though.

Here is me with Jessica. She was such a sweetheart. I was so happy to finally meet her in person.

With Sara of Sew Sweetness. I had the pleasure of sitting next to her. She is one talented girl; her blog is filled with awesomeness.

Jessica made this keepsake for each one of our blog names. It must have taken her a long time to do this. You see? Isn't she so nice?

We each received fabulous swag bags to take home. Are you wondering what was inside? (I was! It was like getting an early birthday gift!).

Special thanks to our sponsors for making our GNO so special. Jo-ann Fabric, Coats & Clark, Pellon, Michael Miller Fabric, Fat Quarter Shop, The Ribbon Retreat, Fiskars, Riley Blake Designs.

I will be back with more posts about my Japanese trip later. I will see you soon!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Trip to Japan ~ Shopping Part 2

There are lots of little things I bought while I was there. I feel like I spent quite a bit of money on food though... Are you ready to look at them?

I am really excited about this book from Muji. There are 100 sophisticated shapes in this book. I can feel my brain turning and getting really curious with what I can do with this book!

Origami and cute stickers...

Craft Tapes!! There were SO many pretty ones at the stores that I visited. Seriously, I stood there for a long time trying to decide which ones to take home.

One of the things I wanted to buy was chopsticks for my kids with a carrying case for their bento. I found these perfect sets at 100 yen shop.

Also, I found chopstics for everyday use, aren't they adorable?

I also found this handkerchief to wrap the bento box at the 100 yen shop.

Really cute pics to make kids lunch cute and fun. I could skewer some cheese, fruit, or some meatballs, wouldn't it be so fun?

I always wanted to buy Cath Kidston's purses. I attempted to buy one online, but I never could justify the exchange rate and shipping charge and so I never have. I went to the mall with my friends one day and saw this bag at a shop, it literally took my breath away. It was so much cheaper to buy there, I think it's because there are many places that sell Cath's items in Japan.

I couldn't believe my good fortune, when my sister took me to a recycle shop that she likes (yes, I guess it's in our blood. We girls LOVE shops like that. How many times have I blogged about thrift shops and yard sales?). When I was going through the bag aisle, I found more Cath Kidston bags that I have been wanting for a super great deal! Can you imagine my excitement?

Phew... Ok, I better get to bed soon, but there is some more coming in a future post. Some of the things are for my friends or blogger friends who helped me out while I was away and did guest posts. It is so fun to even do window shopping, because I can find so many different things and different styles. Shopping with my sisters and my friends was so much fun too, it's been a long time. I didn't realize how much I missed these "girl's time" with those I love.
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