Friday, December 31, 2021

Tutorial ~ Simple Triangular Pen Case

I have been thinking about designing a triangular pen case without adding different panels on the sides. What I did is a very simple way to create "triangles" with a bigger boxed bottom. I hope you enjoy this fun, fast and functional (because you can use your leftover strips!) tutorial.

* You will need

1½" wide strips
10"x10" batting
10"x10" backing
9" zipper

* How to

1. Cut 9 - 1½"x 9" strips. This is where you could have fun. You could use 9 different strips, alternate 2 different kind of strips, coordinate 4 different fabrics (cut 2 strips from three fabrics and and 3 strips from one fabric) or whatever your heart desires!
2. Layer backing (right side down)and batting on the table. Lay the first strip right side up and the second strip on top of the first strip right side down. sew with ¼" seam.
3. Open the fabric and press with iron. Repeat the process with all the strips. Trim the edges and make a 9"x 9½" rectangle.
4. Quilt it as you like. The strips are sewed on to the backing and batting, so if you want to skip this step and move on that is fine too. I just think the quilting will add more to the design. This is a small enough project that you may not need anything special to quilt it, but
I like to use my Digital Dual Feed Foot to ensure an even feed for the layers while quilting.
5.Sew the zipper on the 9½" seam using the Baby Lock zipper foot. Lay the zipper right side down onto the right side of the fabric.
6.Fold the seam towards the body, press and top stitch.
7. Repeat the process to attach the other side of the zipper.
8.Fold the fabric right sides together and sew the sides with ¼" seam. I used zigzag stitch to finish the seam.
9. Make boxed bottom. I explained this process in a different post if you need a reference. I drew a sewing line that is 2½", it is 1¼" perpendicular from the middle towards the edge.
10. Done!
I decided to add a ribbon on the zipper.
After I finished making one, I wanted to experiment with different ways to combine fabrics and quilting designs. So five others were born. I bet you could go through your scraps and whip up a few of these easily in one afternoon. Have fun sewing!

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Babylock Decals

Look at these fun decals I received in the mail! Baby Lock came out with some decals to decorate your sewing machine with. They are also great to use on your laptops, phones, water bottles and much more. They are not available online, but you can find them at your nearest retailer so go check them out.

The decal that popped out to me is this one,
I went to New York City at the end of October, and I am kind of obsessed with New York right now... the design of this decal reminded me of the famous "I N.Y" sign. hahaha.

Several styles of packages are available. They will make a fun Christmas gift for Baby Lock sewing machine lovers!
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