Thursday, April 29, 2021

Nova Coat Pattern + Rifle Paper Co. Fabric = New Favorite!

I think it was about two years ago that I purchased the Wildwood fabric by Rifle Paper Co. I love it so much that it was sitting on my table for a while and every time when I walked by, I looked at it, touched it and thought about what to make with it. A tunic, a top, a skirt??? I didn't want to mess it up or didn't want to regret not making something else after I used it. My indecisiveness was in full swing and I had to put it on the shelf and wait.

After I made Sapporo Coat (Nova coat now), I decided to use that fabric and try making a quilted coat. it was bit scary, but I was more excited since I set my heart on a project with Wildwood fabric.

Since I have to machine quilt each piece, it was more work for me, but I enjoyed the process. It was like taking myself on an adventure! I really had to see the finished quilted coat that I saw in my mind's eye. I had already decided what quilt design I should do and at what scale.

I would say that the most challenging thing in the whole process was to make sure that the patterns of flowers would line up nicely in the back, sides and on the sleeves. I laid the pattern pieces in different ways to make sure that they matched up nicely.

To be honest, I didn't even think this would be a challenge. If I thought about it in the beginning, I may not have chosen this fabric. If you are thinking about making a coat, and you are still new at this, I advise you to choose solid, or small patterned fabric, you don't have to stress about matching the pattern.
I am happy to say that the coat turned out exactly how I imagined!

I used a blue woven fabric for the lining and I like how it is softer than quilted cotton. The coat is bulkier than the wool coat I made, especially around the armholes, so I wanted to use something less stiff.
The flower border lined up nicely at the pocket and the sides as well. Yes!
It is getting warmer, but there are still cold mornings and evenings where I live. I think I have few more weeks to enjoy this jacket, until I will put it away 'til fall (then I have something to look forward to!). I took the jacket for a test drive.
I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. I would love to do patchwork piecing with small pieces next time when I make a quilted jacket. Don't you think there are many possibilities for the patterns and colors?
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