Saturday, March 30, 2013


Last Tuesday was our big moving day. I will tell you all about the details later, but I am just checking in to say hello, and believe it or not, I am still alive. :)

Seriously, it was such a crazy few days...I never wanna repeat it again.

My in-laws opened up their home to us until our new house is done. We moved our stuff in and all, but there is still so much to do and setting up my computer is way down on the to do list. So, no pictures in today’s post.

I can't wait to have some normality back and start sewing and blogging again. Wait patiently folks, I am still here((( waiving ))).

Right now I need to take a looong bath with candles and good books and 12 hours of much needed sleep. :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shabby Apple Winner Announcement

The lucky winner of the Shabby Apple $35 certificate giveaway is:

Lisa Clark Summerhays

Thank you everyone for playing. See you at the next post. :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We are Moving

At the beginning of February, I mentioned that we put our house up for sale. I am so happy to say that, near the end of the same month, we got an offer on our house! I was hoping to stay in our current house while our new house is being built, but that is not an option... we are supposed to be out of the house by the 28th this month.

When Mr. TRH called me to tell me that we need to be out by the 28th, I asked, "In what month?"

He said "this month."

Then after a pause, I replied "What? You mean in March?"

...Bahhhh!! I was a little panicky at first, because it seems like it`s coming up so soon and we have so much to do. After I took a few deep breaths, I just decided to do whatever I need to do every day.

Right now my house looks like it was hit by a tornado or that someone broken in. I have been working on packing every single day, but I feel like I’ve made little to no progress. Though, when I take a break and look around, the walls no longer have our family photos, there are boxes everywhere. It is starting to look like it’s not our home anymore...

For instance here is our family room,

A view from the front room,

Shoot... the boys were supposed to start packing the books last night... they bailed out. Gah, they are at school.

We are all excited about the move, but when I was helping my 7 year old daughter she wanted me to stop for the day. Also, she put some of the decoration back on the shelves. I was a bit annoyed by her attitude, because I thought she didn’t want to help pack anymore or that she was teasing me.

Then I noticed that she had tears in her eyes and curled up on her bed with her favorite blanky.

What?... Oh...OH! I sat on her bed and asked her quietly, "Are you a little sad, because your room doesn't look like your room anymore?"

She nodded her head and didn't say anything. I told her that we will pack her room little by little and she seemed to like that idea. Right, this is the house she grew up in, the only place she has known as her home. Of course she will be a bit sad or take some time to adjust to the idea.

The items that are removed from the walls, they are still visible, but not packed. :)

I am avoiding my closet and sewing area, because it is so hard to decide on what to pack and put in to storage and what to keep with us. How would I know what I want to wear a few months in advance? How can I make up my mind of which fabrics to keep for projects? Sigh... my packing days will continue on.

Although, I am having so much fun looking around and coming up with ideas for the next house; I don't think we will go overboard with new furniture or anything. I do want to refinish my old coffee table that I bought over 13 years ago at a thrift store, another thing I want to do is to install my kids artwork with picture hangers and come up with exciting ways to organize my dedicated sewing space.

I will keep you all posted, but I better get back to the boxes, tapes and markers for now. I will talk to you later. :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Refashion Challenge ~ Result~

A couple posts ago, I shared a dress I found on the sales rack for a seriously killer deal (about $13!). Though there was one problem...I thought it was a dress, but it was actually a jumpsuit.

I decided to change it to a dress, and so I tried. Here are the steps I took.

1. I cut along the seams of the inner legs to open them up.

2. I laid the dress flat on the table to see how I could sew the left and right seams together in the middle to make this jumpsuit into a dress.

3. I cut off some excess parts then sewed the seams together in the front and back.

4. Because there are broken parts where the cotton lace was connected to the other cotton lace, I completely took off the thread which was attaching the two and directly sewed them together.

5. I sewed a liner and added that to the waist down.

6. It was ready for testing!

Today was a much warmer day than normal and I felt like spring was finally here! It was such a perfect day to try the new dress. :)

I am so happy that it is no longer a jumpsuit. It is the dress!

Very flowy and comfortable too...

The place we took pictures had nice features, but was a little bit challenging. Lots of narrow mismatched walls with graffiti in some areas. We had a hard time picking the background, but it was still fun... can you tell by my smiley face?

There is something I haven't told you all, and I have been crazy busy right now because of that. Hopefully, once that settles, I can start creating the things buzzing around in my head and share with you. I will check in when I can, Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Review~ Dressing Your Truth

Do you ever feel like you are not beautiful or have no clue what kind of clothing to buy or how to dress yourself? If so, this review post might be perfect for you!

Have you ever heard about Dressing Your Truth?

Dressing your truth was created by Carol Tuttle who is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. Carol is helping women worldwide to discover our natural beauty by learning our type of beauty. It doesn't matter our age, weight, or dress size; we are all beautiful in different ways.

What I thought was so unique about this program is that unlike other makeover shows or fashion advice the expert tells you, this program help us to learn ourselves from inside, and lead us to discover our own beauty. There are 4 types of beauty, and we express one of them through our body language, facial features, thoughts, and personality.

The first time when I heard about the Dressing your truth was actually a couple years ago. My neighbor let me borrow one of Carol's books It's Just My Nature. The book talks about 4 different types of personalities. The book was very interesting and eye opening. While I was reading it I wondered which of the 4 types of personality I am, or my loved ones. I read the whole thing right away. Some of my neighbors and friends were also attending the dressing your truth meetings and they asked me if I was interested. Although I loved the book, I thought "no, I really love what I wear, or what I have in my closet, I don't need help with that aspect.", so I didn't go.

Over the past couple of years, I have been noticing the change in people around me who I knew are doing dressing your truth. They started dressing in different colors, textures, adding some jewelry and they seemed happier and more confident. Once, my friend said that she feels like what she wears and how that represents her matches who she is on the inside. Hmm... Doesn't that sound so great?

Also, every time when I get together with my friends, the subject of dressing your truth pops up in different ways. Some of them have been guessing my type and that really triggered my curiosity.

I was so excited when I was given the opportunity to review their online course recently. It was just such perfect timing!

By reading Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile and learning about it, it has given me a really good guess of which type I am but I wasn't sure. After taking the Dressing your Truth course online, it made it even more clear to me which personality/beauty type I am. The online course is very well constructed and user friendly. They also have an online (on site too, if you live in UT) store that are customized for each beauty type, how awesome is that?! After taking the course, I am pretty happy to say that I have been dressing my truth. Most of the colors I choose, the styles that I love match with my personality type.

It's impossible to talk about all the different types and details about them, but you can visit their website or Carol's blog and learn more about them. I would recommend their online course as a very eye-opening and helpful guide to discover yourself and move forward with confidence.

Wouldn't it be so fun to find out about your true beauty type?

Friday, March 1, 2013

New Refashion Challenge

There are lots of things going on around here and I think I will be ready to share that with you soon...

Meanwhile, let me share a picture of this clothing I found the other day for a major KILLER deal.

At Down East, they sell some name brand clothing for a great price. I was checking the sales rack the other day, and found this beauty. I fell in love with it, and lucky me! It was my size. I think I have seen this at Anthropology before...and I know that some of the dresses from Anthro can be 200 to 300 dollars. With all the laces, and detailed work, I am pretty sure that this was not an exception. Wow, why is this dress hanging around here and not in someone else's closet??

Then, I noticed that this isn't a dress... actually, it is a jumpsuit...oh, shoot.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing going against jumpsuits. It just that, when I tried it on, it was too long, and I looked funny (I almost heard the circus theme some...ta, ta, tara rara...) Even if I try to make the vogue face or the pose that models do (by the way, they are like 6'or taller and I am a self-claimed 5'4"), the mirror in the fitting room wasn't buying it. I thought about giving up on it, then... I saw the price tag.

Most of the dresses are 130.00 and up originally, then, at Down East, they are sold for $45. I guess it was on the sales rack for a while, and reduced to $19.99.

Then, get this; they were having an additional 30% off all the clearance items that day! I was deep in my thoughts in the fitting room, and thought, oh, gosh just get it.

I am not one of those people who can pull of the jumpsuit look, but I was thinking that I can cut into the middle and refashion this to a dress. Yeah, I can do a dress! (grin)

Even if that doesn't work out, the laces used for this dress alone is totally worth it.

I paid a little over $13, and left the store thinking that I got such an amazing deal. Well, we shall see what happens with the refashioning... (to be continued :) ).
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