Thursday, January 12, 2017

Shop Update & More

Hello! It's been a while since the last post. I have been enjoying the Holidays with my family & friends and taking a break from making Tiny Tin Sewing Rooms, but now I am back in business!

There are so many other projects I want to work on, but it is also so fun to make the Tiny Tin Rooms. I am sorry if you are waiting for some posts of different projects or tutorials. Once I get better at time management and prioritizing (one of my resolutions this year!), you will start seeing more tutorials.

That being said, I restocked my shop with 20 new Tiny Tin Sewing Rooms and here are some of my favorites:

The last time I posted I wrote about the Tiny Tin Teacher's room. Remember?

Since it got much positive feedback, I am going to make a few more to put in my shop soon.

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