Saturday, November 24, 2012

Switching Gear~ Fall to Winter

I have been kicking back and relaxing from my projects to purely spend time with my family the last few days, since the kids are out of school for Thanksgiving weekend. We celebrated one of the kid's birthdays, Thanksgiving and we set our Christmas tree last night.

We decorated the tree as a family, watched one of our favorite Christmas movies: "Elf"(boy, it is not a typical classic Christmas movie, but you gotta love that one) as we drank hot chocolate.

Big or small, there are many Christmas traditions that Mr. TRH and I created for our family over the years, and I am so looking forward to making more fun memories with our children. I hope when they are all grown up and left the nest those memories will stay with them forever to make them smile.

Meanwhile, I will have more tutorials coming up soon. They might be the perfect small gift ideas you are looking for! :)


  1. That's lovely family quality time,sounds nice.x

  2. These moments are forever! Sweet memories. Have fun!


  3. Ahh, we love Elf, too! Or I do, anyway, not sure about the rest of my family, ha ha.


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