Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cleaning and Packing

I feel like I am finally seeing the end of the tunnel of a series of nasty flu infections, there is a cough that still lingers, but I feel much better. I really appreciate everyone’s well wishes, and telling me to get some rest. If I was getting proper rest, I might have gotten better much faster, but there was a reason why I really couldn't take it easy...

After the first wave of flu, I really thought I got better. Meanwhile, Mr.TRH and I have been looking to buy a new home, and one day we found a perfect floor plan for us. We decided to buy the house, signed the papers, and we put our house up for sale. We had LOTS of things to take care of to prepare our house for showing... then bam! I got sick again. I pushed myself to keep going through our stuff (LOTS and LOTS of stuff), kept cleaning, kept organizing and doing some more cleaning... It has been a little over a week, and thanks to our realtor, we had about 11 showings so far. Since our new house won't be ready for several months, we don't have to move right away. Hopefully we can sell our beloved house for what we are asking for to a nice family. We still love this house, we just out grew it...

When we first moved to this house, we had a 5 to 7 year plan to move. Loss of jobs, my health issues and not being able to find a house we like in an area we want in a price range we could afford. There was never a right timing. Then before we knew it, we have been here for 11 years! I wrote about it back in 2009 little bit here

Growing up, my parents moved around, we never stayed in one area for that long. Now we decided to move, as much as I am excited to move, I feel a little sentimental. This is the house we moved in when my oldest just turned one, and we had other two more children. I can still picture the excited face of my little boy when I painted the play room as surprise. We created lots of fun memories as a family here, so I would love whoever lives here to have a good happy feeling.

I am not done clearing stuff out of the house, there is much more I need to do. Wow... do you know how much stuff you can accumulate in 11 years? When we bought this house we were a family of 3, two adults and one baby. Now we are family of 5, who knew that when kids get bigger, their stuff gets bigger too!?

Right now, I have no idea what will happen in the next few months. We might sell the house and have to move to a rental, or we will be able to stay here till we move straight to the new house. Sewing and blogging will probably be affected in some ways too, but I will do my best to let you know what's happening around here.

Well friends, I feel like our little family just took its first step into a new chapter of our lives. Wish us best, ‘cause we will need it! :)


  1. Congrats on the new house!!!!!! 11 showings already is awesome! We tried to sell our townhouse last year and had 8 showings but no offers. Good luck. :)

  2. Sachiko, we need to talk! We also just signed a contract with a builder and are planning to move out this summer. I know how you feel! Although you've been in the neighborhood longer than we have. Anyway, I think we may be moving to the same area. . . if what I hear is right. This makes me so happy! Good luck with everything!

  3. Blessings as you move!!

  4. Moving to a new house must be so exciting! Of course, you're sentimental about the old house, stuffed with memories but, given your creativity, you'll be very, very busy :)

  5. You got the house!!!! YAYYY! I am so excited for you...

  6. Emily, and Elizabeth and liz --

    Yeap, after the meet up, my husband and I went and signed the papers! We are super excited about it, but there is so much to do right now!

    Kristin --

    You are moving too?! I don't know what you have heard, but yes, it probably is correct. :) I would love it if you are moving to the same area. Yes, we need to talk!

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