Monday, March 4, 2013

Review~ Dressing Your Truth

Do you ever feel like you are not beautiful or have no clue what kind of clothing to buy or how to dress yourself? If so, this review post might be perfect for you!

Have you ever heard about Dressing Your Truth?

Dressing your truth was created by Carol Tuttle who is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. Carol is helping women worldwide to discover our natural beauty by learning our type of beauty. It doesn't matter our age, weight, or dress size; we are all beautiful in different ways.

What I thought was so unique about this program is that unlike other makeover shows or fashion advice the expert tells you, this program help us to learn ourselves from inside, and lead us to discover our own beauty. There are 4 types of beauty, and we express one of them through our body language, facial features, thoughts, and personality.

The first time when I heard about the Dressing your truth was actually a couple years ago. My neighbor let me borrow one of Carol's books It's Just My Nature. The book talks about 4 different types of personalities. The book was very interesting and eye opening. While I was reading it I wondered which of the 4 types of personality I am, or my loved ones. I read the whole thing right away. Some of my neighbors and friends were also attending the dressing your truth meetings and they asked me if I was interested. Although I loved the book, I thought "no, I really love what I wear, or what I have in my closet, I don't need help with that aspect.", so I didn't go.

Over the past couple of years, I have been noticing the change in people around me who I knew are doing dressing your truth. They started dressing in different colors, textures, adding some jewelry and they seemed happier and more confident. Once, my friend said that she feels like what she wears and how that represents her matches who she is on the inside. Hmm... Doesn't that sound so great?

Also, every time when I get together with my friends, the subject of dressing your truth pops up in different ways. Some of them have been guessing my type and that really triggered my curiosity.

I was so excited when I was given the opportunity to review their online course recently. It was just such perfect timing!

By reading Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile and learning about it, it has given me a really good guess of which type I am but I wasn't sure. After taking the Dressing your Truth course online, it made it even more clear to me which personality/beauty type I am. The online course is very well constructed and user friendly. They also have an online (on site too, if you live in UT) store that are customized for each beauty type, how awesome is that?! After taking the course, I am pretty happy to say that I have been dressing my truth. Most of the colors I choose, the styles that I love match with my personality type.

It's impossible to talk about all the different types and details about them, but you can visit their website or Carol's blog and learn more about them. I would recommend their online course as a very eye-opening and helpful guide to discover yourself and move forward with confidence.

Wouldn't it be so fun to find out about your true beauty type?


  1. This sounds like fun. Every Sunday I go through this "What to wear?" thing, and always end up with something black, and usually red. I love black and red, but sometimes I need more variety, however I HATE clothes shopping. What to do?

  2. Veronica-
    Perfect! The Dressing Your Truth is designed to help everything you just said. :) Finding out your beauty type will give you the guide to what color, fabrication, style and etc to shop for which makes your shopping so much easier and simpler.

  3. This is exactly what I need now that I'm "rebooting" my life. Thank you so much for this post! :D

  4. It's an awesome idea but the price range is a bit high. I can't think if many of my friends who could afford to spend that much on themselves and that's before any wardrobe changes. Would be interested in finding one of her books though!

  5. I have read this Dressing Your Truth. It is interesting, isn't it? It reminds me of the old Color Me Beautiful of the 80's. xo Diana

  6. I have been doing the Dressing Your Truth program for about 4 years now and it has been amazing!! As far as the price, they have sales for it all of the time so that the course is only $99. A small price to pay for finally helping me to understand who I am and feel beautiful.

  7. So I did some research and while I'm probably not going to buy the course (I don't feel like I'm in a place in my life that's motivating me to dress differently than I do... Most of it just gets messy anyway :P) I do wonder if I'm a type 2 or a type 4. I also think it would be interesting to look at different people and guess what type they are, though I'd never tell them out loud! Anyway, it's kinda fun to think about an guess, although I do feel I know myself pretty well and I'm not really searching for anything at this point in my life, like I said. Thanks for recommending the interesting reads/videos to research! :)

  8. I'm so glad that you introduced me to this program! I was so intrigued by the information in your post I tried the free course, bought the online course and have now confirmed that I am a type 2, and I really like it. I've recommended your blog to other type 2's on facebook - there's a closed group page on facebook. You should join! This program was a fantastic discovery for me. Not life changing, but it was something that I was looking for without any idea of how to look for it. So, thanks!


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