Saturday, December 21, 2013

Two Ways Felt Project / Coaster or Pincushion

A While ago, I did a guest post at Craft Snob and I shared an easy felt project that you can actually turn into two different projects. Also, these would be a perfect, easy, inexpensive small Christmas gift for friends, neighbors and sewing groups. Christmas is right on our door step, but you can whip these up in no time.

Do you already have some felts around the house? If not, it would be fun to go to a fabric stores or craft store to pick some up. I found a few last week at Joann's, 4 for a dollar. To create these pincushions or coasters you could totally have fun with which colors to combine together. Are you interested? Let's start.

{You will need}

Felt in many colors

DMC floss that will match the felt you are going to work with

Fiber fill (if you are making a pincushion)

White marking pencil, needle, and other sewing tools.

{How to}

1. To cut the felt, I just cut the felt horizontally in the middle which measures 4 1/2", then cut twice vertically with a measurement of 4 1/2". You should have 4 pieces of felt squares.
You need three pieces of felt which will be used for the top, the middle and the bottom layers. I chose three different shades of blue, but you could use the same colors for the top and the bottom, and something different for the middle.

2. On the felt for the top part, mark an X in the middle. Leave 1/2" from all the corners. Cut on the lines.

3. Layer the middle felt under the top felt. Sew in the middle, so they won't move around.

4. Lift up the middle of one of the lines that are cut and fold it outward, pin and sew. I chose to sew by hand, but I bet it would look pretty to sew by machine too.

5. Repeat the process till all 8 parts are sewn. Then, you will end up with this:

6. Layer that with the bottom piece then sew...WAIT! There are two Separate instruction from here.

If you are going the make a pincushion, remember to leave a 2" to 3" opening on the side, so you can put fiber fill in. After you have done that, sew it shut.

You just made yourself a pincushion.

If you chose to make coaster, all you need to do is just sew all four sides... yes, that is it! I have to warn you though... it is so much fun to think about color combinations, you might want to make tons of them just like I did...
My personal favorite is this one; mustard and light gray.

See, wasn't it easy? I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!


  1. These are just lovely and I meant to try and make some when I saw your tutorial a while back. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Как здорово! очень-очень нравится! Thank you!!!

  3. i love it....and merry christmas ^^

  4. Beautiful, and so easy. Wish I had seen this earlier.

  5. Hi , Sachiko !!!!
    Just found your lovely blog -
    I read this post
    which was giving the link to your
    blog !!!!! I love your creations!!!!
    I wish a very Happy New Year to you
    and your lovely family !!!!
    Greetings from Greece


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