Thursday, January 16, 2014

Small Treasures and a Fun Announcement

Over the last few days, whenever I have chance, I work on my sewing room. I am definitely making progress, but it is so slow and tedious; I am going at a snail's pace. I am not ready to share my progress just yet, but let me give you a report... I have more floor space (which is a HUGE accomplishment!), and I am probably 70% done sorting and putting stuff away in their proper places.

Because we sold the house in a month, and after that we had to move pretty much right away, we had no time to go through our belongings to do a garage sale, donate or just throw them away. Now, I am going through our house to weed things out. My sewing/craft items are not an exception either, and you know what? It feels great to de-junk the house!! Though, some things are nice to hold on to...

A few months ago, my mother-in-law gave me her old sewing threads in a plastic container. As I was organizing the room, I finally got to go through it. I found little treasures in there. Do you wanna see them??

They are vintage thread on wooden spools. Aren't they adorable?

I had to stop cleaning and admire the lables on the spools. I feel like grouping them together makes a nice artful pictures.

I haven't decided what to do with them. Should I use the thread or leave it on the spool for color. I might even display them on a shelf as decoration. What do you think?

By the way, I have a fun announcement. I got contacted by All Free Sewing saying that one of my projects made it in to their Top 100 Holiday Craft 2013! Please go check them out, you might find some fun ideas. :)

Have a nice weekend everyone, I hope I will be ready to share pictures of my sewing space sometime next week!


  1. I would leave them as-is and enjoy displaying them. I have several vintage spools like yours and I love having them out to view. =)

  2. I love old spools of thread. I have mine stored in a big Mason jar. I love seeing all the colors from the old thread.

  3. I was thinking that the spools would look cute in a mason jar and then read the comment that said the same thing. Great minds think alike. :)

  4. Old thread doesn't hold up well. I would just enjoy the spools as they are.

  5. Hi!, look at this link as an idea to use the threads as part of the decoration of your sewing room.
    Kisses, Mª José

  6. Have you seen the spool wreath on Pinterest? I am saving mine for that!

  7. We've been given lots of old thread just like that and I've never looked at them as a treasure. Thanks for giving me a new perspective. :)

  8. I have some old wooden spools of thread, and some without thread. Most of them came from my mama's stash, and some I just collected.
    There are some good ideas on Pinterest for making wreaths and things out of them. I just love looking at them sitting in a little basket.


  9. How great! My mother gave me my Grandmother's kit that I have admired since I was a girl. It was filled with buttons, threads and bias tape!! All vintage with price tags and all...similar to your grouping.

    What a treasure we have.
    Congratulations on your feature!

  10. Happy Cottage Quilter, Shon -

    It's so fun to share the love for vintage sewing notions ladies! Thank you for your comments!


    Thank you for your advise. It's good to know that old thread doesn't hold up before I sewed something with it!

    Maria, Sarah, ShirleyC,-
    Thank you for the tip! I will check out Pinterest. :)

  11. Love the labels and colors! I can imagine them in some type of clear glass container ~ that would help keep the dust off! but allow you to enjoy the colors!

  12. I just gave some wooden spools to a friend a few weeks ago during some decluttering.

  13. I too, have some in a clear glass jar and some in a small longaberger basket. The thread is probably very weak due to age. I would use spools with the thread for a sentimental display.

  14. I would use the thread but leave one winding on, for the colour and then make a wreath with them.


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