Friday, May 9, 2014

BANG !! ~ I Hit the Bottom and...

BANG!!! That's how hard I hit the bottom.

Not emotionally or spiritually, I literally hit the floor of the shower last Sunday night. Well, if you are a long time visitor of my blog you know this, but I have a long medical history since birth and had my right leg amputated when I was 2. There are still complications and conditions that I go through on the rest of my right leg and hip. (I am not going to go into the details here, because that is not the focus of this post, but if you are interested you can read some here and here) NOTE; The Mother's day post is from 2010, the giveaway is closed.

That being said... when I take a shower, I have to take my prosthetic leg off and hop into the shower. I have been doing this all my life, I have an extremely great sense of balance with just one leg. I can stand on one leg for a while and wash my hair and everything, sure, it's easy, but no prob. That is not something I would share at a school talent show or anything, but I was pretty confident with my ability to do so.

Sunday night I was going to take a shower and hopped in to the shower. SLIP! BNAG!!!!

It happened so fast, I landed on my lower back and my bum really hard then hit my head. Oh my gosh that was painful. Then, I remembered that we installed a water softener a few days before and it had started to kick in. The water was more slippery. Mr. TRH immediately came and helped me up, but I was still in a lot of pain. After a while I was OK, but I went to bed shortly after that.

When I woke up the next morning I was having so much pain, not only the area I hit hard, but on my right leg and hip. I had a hard time getting up and couldn't put any weight on my leg and couldn't walk. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but the pain I was having was so bad that I thought something might be seriously wrong. My right femur is much skinnier than the left side due to the condition I was born with, also I have vein problems and replaced my hip on that side (Yep, sounds like a lot, right? Tell me about it) I have lots of reasons to worry.

We decided to go see the doctor and get an x-ray just in case. I knew someone who sneezed and fractured their rib, so you never know!

Long story short, the x-rays came back negative. No broken bone, no dislocated hip. I felt somewhat relieved but the pain was still there. We decided that the only thing we could do for me was to just rest and wait to see what happens.

It happened on Sunday night, and I am writing this post on Friday morning. It took me 5 days to finally get better enough to walk around the house with crutches. I guess my right side is ultra sensitive even though it didn't get directly hit, the vibrations alone caused so much damage. Yikes!

I had so much to do this week, and I couldn't go through the to-do list. Also, I can not say the whole experience was fun to go through, BUT this week wasn't all wasted. In every hardships there is a silver lining. I found many this week. Let me share some of them...

1. I have piles of books in my room that I have been planning to read when I have time. Because I couldn't do anything else I finally got to some. I finished reading 10 books since Monday.(I am a very fast reader, and they were Japanese books). That was such a treat!

2. Monday night my 13 year-old son prepared dinner for the whole family without being asked. It was nothing fancy, but he used left overs and cooked some scrambled eggs. They were nicely presented on the plates. Oh, he also made a fruit salad. I was amazed with the presentation and effort he put in. Totally made my day!

3. The kids all helped out to keep the house clean. Vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, straightening things up etc. They are such good helpers.

4. My friend in the neighborhood found out about it, so she brought us dinner on Tuesday. Also she coordinated with other neighbors and they brought us dinner for our family on Wednesday and Thursday. We are still new to this area, but it is such a nice feeling to know that we are living in an area with kind people who care about us. Seriously, it is such a comforting feeling. Thank you!

5. The kids came to see me in the bedroom and told me about their days; those were the highlights of my days. Since I am just laying there, I felt like I was really able to focus and listen to them and enjoy the time with them. Usually I am so busy and always have things to do or places we need to get to. This was a good reminder for me to slow down a bit.

6. I have done some sketching and designing. :)

7. Then my husband Mr.TRH. Right after he situated me in bed, he immediately got online to find out a company that remodels bathrooms to make them more handicap accessible. He called up the next morning so we could get some handle bars installed. He also took care of driving the kids school and activities this week. The thing is that he never complained how this made his day inconvenient and such. He just did it. He is not a typical "romantic" type of guy, but he is always there for me and takes such good care of me. That is one of many ways he tells me that he loves me.

I have always known how much I have been blessed, but times like this it is a great reminder for me to feel and see that clearly. This week I was in pain and wasn't productive at all, but my heart is filled with gratitude for the people in my life.

I hit the bottom, but it wasn't so bad after all. :)


  1. That is no poor little vegemite. I do hope that you feel better soon. Pain is not nice!

    Chel in Oz

  2. I am so sorry for the accident but so grateful you shared your blessings too! Your bright attitude always lifts my spirits! Heal quickly my friend!

  3. Sorry for your fall and the pain but it was neat to hear of the blessings that you are noticing through the trials.

  4. Wow! What an eventful week you've had. So glad to hear you are OK and nothing broken. I just recently started following your blog. So glad I did. I love how even in a stressful, and physically painful time, you were able to be optimistic. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery! ☺

  5. So sorry to hear about it... Bathrooms are dangerous. Relax and enjoy your books.
    Hope you get better soon.

  6. Bless your heart. Thank you for your optimism and sunny outlook. Words are inadequate to describe pain only you feel, but the cream rises to the top of them and from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Today you and your family all get gold stars.

    Hugs and Happy Mother's Day from Guam,

  7. What an inspiring post! Feel better soon:)

  8. I hope you continue to heal and feel better. Physical pain is one of the hardest things to experience in life. Thanks for sharing your good attitude and the sliver linings in your life. It reminds me to look for the good in mine :)

  9. Wow, sorry that you had an accident. Happy that you shared your week with us. We all need to slow down and access what is really important in our lives. Lemons to lemonade !! Praying that the pain will be gone and you will be sharing your creations again soon. Happy Mothers Day. You are blessed with wonderful family and friends and neighbors !!

  10. OMG, so glad you weren't more seriously injured and hope you are beginning to feel a bit less sore now. Sometimes things are sent as a message to tell us to slow down, I'm in one of those phases at the moment. We need to listen to these phases and use the time to heal and enjoy pastimes that we're normally too busy for. Take care, x

  11. I have been following your blog for years and so much admire your strength . I am so glad that you didn't break any bones or any serious injury. Please take care of yourself and it sounds like your loving family is amazing.

  12. Glad you weren't hurt more seriously! You are so precious to us all!
    See a chiropractor...You'll heal so much faster!
    I see one regularly and when I sprained my knee skiing this winter and he adjusted my knee, it relieved the pain by 50% instantly. Such a blessing...Take care.

  13. Sachiko, I hope you feel better soon. Happy to know that you are surrounded with folks that are helping without being asked. I just love your positiveness. God bless.

  14. I'm so happy for all the good that has happened to you after all the bad, I am so happy Mr.TRH found you and his love grew for you, love is an amazing thing when you think about it...we never give up on our loved ones no matter what. You have been truly blessed with your Mom's and you husband and wonderful children, I pray for your continued healing. I too have a wonderful husband that has been through my many back surgeries and is always there for me when I feel like I'm such a burden to him. He loves me even more everyday. To be honest I think he likes the idea that I'm not as independant as I once was, so that now he can take care of me more than I can him. Love is a wonderful thing! I'm glad we both found it.

  15. Hope all the pain will go away soon! Happy to hear there are no fractures

  16. Wish you to recover as fast as possible! You're blessed with an amazing family and a great new neighborhood!

  17. Hope you feel better soon.....:)

  18. Thank you everyone for such nice comments! I feel so much better and things are almost back to normal.

    Juri Niksich -

    I am so happy to hear that your husband takes good care of you as well. :) Having someone special like that makes a HUGE difference in our lives. I feel like we can get through anything.

  19. Ouch! I am so sorry you fell! I'm so glad you've had all the help from your family and neighbors. It's amazing at how helpful people are when it really counts. I'm glad you were able to read so many books, even though you've been in such pain. I bet it was fun to read in Japanese too! I'm glad your husband is going to make sure you have a safe shower from now on. Those bars are helpful!

  20. oh, no! I hope you heal quickly. That sounds just awful. Things can happen so quickly and force you to change plans and slow down, huh? Wish we lived closer to come help! Take care of yourself.

  21. I'm so sorry, Sachiko! I hope you're doing better now.

  22. HIi Sachiko, speedy recovery.. .wishes from half way across the world in Singapore.. Very touched by your story and so very happy that you have such a loving family network to support you. I always feel that obstacles exist to tell us how we should be grateful...

  23. Feel better soon!

    I beg to differ that your husband is not romantic - I think the kind of quiet thoughtfulness he shows you is very romantic!

  24. Hi Sachiko!
    When I read this Post I was shocked! I did not know about your right leg... And I thought: I gotta read the older Posts to know what happened... Then I read your Medical History and... GOSH! You have already suffered A LOT!!! You a are a very BRAVE LADY! And a very LUCKY LADY also to have such a WONDERFUL husband! I hope you get well soon, and that something like that won't happen again! I recently starting to follow your Blog and you be sure: I will come here everyday to see what you came up to! :D
    Kisses from Portugal

  25. Dear Sachiko, I had not visited your blog for ages, but all of a sudden I started thinking of you and finally today I read about your accident: gosh! Makes my heart tight thinking of you in pain! Wish I was there to help too. But, as always, you come out stronger, wiser, and more inspiring! Take very good care of yourself: you are loved and that is a great responsibility! And, of course, you're very lovable! Flavia


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