Saturday, August 9, 2014

What I have been Making Lately...

I can not believe that school is starting soon! I guess it is a mix of bitter & sweet... "bitter" because I will miss the fun time I had with my kids and "sweet" because they are really ready to go back to school, even though they don't think they are... seriously!

Near the end of summer vacation, we had and will have some things going on. I have been busy for that.
I will share a couple things I have made lately today.

Project #1 : Troop flag

This was a little less... well not at all feminine project. I made this troop flag for my boys' scout troop. It is a new troop and they didn't have their flag. To order one it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get it, but they were leaving for scout camp soon. I needed to come up with something in a couple days!

After the piecing and appliqueing I did some stenciling (Michel helped to cut the words to make the template, and he did such a nice job!) with fabric paint. The middle part is all free hand drawing with a sharpie. This was not a project I usually choose to do, but hey, it is for my boys and the other boys in the troop. A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do, right?

Project #2 : Bedding for Rachel's Doll Bed

I found this bunk bed at a thrift store (for $4!!) for Rachel's 18" dolls several months ago. I wanted to make the bedding with her during the summer. It was the perfect time to work on it while my boys were away for their scout camp for a week! It was one of our mother & daughter activities last week.

Here is Rachel working on a blanket...

After a while she wanted to go and play instead of sewing. I said OK. I don't want our sewing sessions to be torture. It would be wonderful if she has a good feeling about sewing and keeps coming back for more and more...

So, here is the end result:

Making those tiny pillows was so much fun. Coming up with combinations of fabric and trim for this doll bed was really a fun creative process.

I added the finishing touches to this small crochet bear I made years ago. Every girl needs a teddy bear on their bed right?

Oh! The squeal Rachel made when she saw the bed was priceless. She was SO happy and excited about it. That night, I noticed that Rachel tucked her dolls in their bed (with the teddy bear on their side) and then she went to bed. That put a huge grin on my face. I am planning to make a sleeping bag for her dolls next.

I think once we are mothers, we feel amazing joy when we can provide (whatever that is) for our children, wouldn't you agree? I am not the best mother or anything and I have my moments, but hopefully they will remember the little things I did for them and always know that I love them. :)


  1. That turned out gorgeous! I love all the little details that you put into it. The colors and the way you did everything looks so elegant, I'd love all that in my room! Thanks for sharing. And I agree, that sometimes the little things like a scout flag or some bedding can make kids so happy with their moms! :)

  2. You all did a fabulous job on both projects. Love the Troop flag. It is much more meaningful than a purchased one. Love the doll bunk beds. The pillows and quilts are beautiful and also special. Thanks for sharing for works.


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