Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sewing Project / Linen Black Vest

I know this is not such an extraordinary project, but I have been wanting to make a simple black vest like this for years. Besides Audrey Hepburn, my other fashion icon is Diane Keaton. Many years ago(I think I was in Jr. high) I watched Annie Hall. I enjoyed the movie, but above all, I was in love with what Diane was wearing and how she was wearing it. It was very different than Audrey's signature feminine style, but the style I saw in the movie left a strong impression...

I don't know why I just didn't do it much sooner. Unlike a more dressy, formal vest (the kind that is made out of suit material), I made this with linen and no lining. It's meant to be worn daily, casually and I probably won't even iron it.

I love clothing that has uniqueness and character, but it is always nice to have simple items such as this. I can think of many ways that I can coordinate this vest with things that I already own. Most of the clothing I have are pretty feminine, but I feel like adding stuff like this to my wardrobe will create an interesting edge.

For example, wear it over a pinstriped shirt (made out of very light weight cotton). Wear it with dark charcoal dress- the vest won't stand out, but it is still there... I think the subtle difference is nice. I can button it up and wear it under a jacket in fall and winter. I am planning to wear this all year long! But today, I am wearing it with a cream colored dress and brown belt. It is perfect for the end of summer beginning of fall weather.

Do you have an item that you have been wanting to add to your wardrobe? Just a simple item might give you a whole new prospect for what you already have. :)

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