Monday, October 13, 2014

Aftermath and Good News

Wow, it was a kind of an eventful for me week last week... I mean emotionally. After that incident, I received many supportive comments on my Facebook, Instagram and, blog. Also tons and tons of emails. I am trying to reply to all, but it is taking me a long time, sorry if you haven't gotten a response from me yet. It doesn't mean that I didn't read your email or don't care, it is quite this opposite. I truly appreciate many of your kind, encouraging words. Because of your great support (and of course my family's) I am pretty much over it.

I knew I always had such supportive friends and readers, but times like this really helps me to remember not to let a few negativities drag me down and instead to focus on my many blessings in my life. I hope I can be the person that is there for my friends and family when they are in need to lighten up their burden.

Our lives are weaved by many good and bad moments. I am a believer that they are there for a reason. As is human nature, I would love to avoid tribulations, but how we react to those "bad" moments determines what type of person we are and is how we become more interesting and beautiful, wouldn't you agree?

I have been doing a "pep talk" with myself again in my head. I still make mistakes in English but you know, I have come a long way since I got here. As I wrote in my last post, I did horrible in English when I was in school. I thought "I would never use it or need it, therefore I am not going to put effort in to it". Boy, talk about an attitude! After I got married and moved out here I wrote to my high school English teacher; he got a kick out of the fact that me, his failing student got married and moved to America! I know if we have a chance to meet again, I can knock his socks off with my English skills, hehehe...

At last, I have a great news to share...

One of my projects has been featured in the latest American Patchwork & Quilting magazine! It is a Christmas issue, and has many wonderful projects that are perfect for a Christmas gift. You can find my project on page 31 and page 114. If you see them on the magazine stand, please check them out! :)

Thank you again for being there for me, I am done dusting myself off and am standing again! I hope I can save a safe and fun spot here in blogland for you when you feel like you need a friend. :)




  1. That's awesome that you're in their magazine! I'll have to go get me a copy.

  2. Well deserved! Congratulations.


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