Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rug Pad Corner Review!

My formal (well, not so formal) living room ... I want to talk about something in this picture today. Can you guess what it is???

I had a chance to review a couple rug pads from Rug Pad Corner. This review offer couldn't come at a better time than this; I had a couple rugs that are on my hard wood floor and they kept sliding. I was going to go to the store and buy rug pads that week!

I went to their web site to do some research, here is what I found out:

The founder and CEO Sam Kaoud worked at his father's oriental rug store as a part time job when he was a student. After that it became his full time job and passion! He saw too many rug pads in customers' homes actually sticking to the floor. After he did his research, he found out that mose of the rug pads contain inferior quality materials, commonly adhesives and chemicals.

He saw the need for genuine quality rug pads that would actually do what they are supposed to do. He states:

"I visited the mills, told them what materials to use and which not to use…told them I did not want any glue or adhesives at all…told them that the rubber must be real, solid rubber. I got what I asked for and started offering these pads to every customer in our rug store, but why stop there? For the millions of other people around the country with area rugs, I wanted them to have the right rug pad - so in 2009, I launched"

I also found this statement on their site:

"We manufacture natural felt and rubber rug pads in the USA with American materials. Our mills know how strict we are about quality standards and there is never any imported material or chemical found in any of our rug pads. We also do not believe in coating our rug pads with common adhesives that others use – instead, we pay more time and money to utilize specialties, such as a heat pressing process to assure safety to your homes and floors."

RPC Heat Pressed™

Exclusive only to Rug Pad Corner, felt rug pads labeled as RPC Heat Pressed™ assure you that there are no adhesives or glues in them – Instead, we utilize a Heat Pressing Process to reinforce the material within the rug pads. Our Ultra Premium, Superior and No-Muv Rug Pads are Certified RPC Heat Pressed™. Click here for more on RPC Heat Pressed."

Wow! Sounds promising right? I have to admit, I am not the most Green minded person or anything, but as a wife and a mother, I would love to know what I am bringing into the home and if they are safe for my family. At first, I was just happy just to have a rug pad, but now, I am really excited to try them out! So, the rug pads came to our door...

The rug I had by my kitchen sink was from Target. I fell in love with the design, but there is no grip on the back of this rug. It was slipping all over and the kids hated it. I tried the Super Hold pad, which is made out of real rubber not plastic. Oh what a difference it made, the rug is staying in one place and we all love it!

I also have a larger rug in my formal living room. Because there is less traffic there, and because of it's size, it wasn't moving as much as the kitchen rug, but it was sliding more then I liked. I got to try out the Ultra Premium rug pad. It is 1/3" thick and it really stays on the floor!

Rug pads are not something we show off or decorate the house with, but knowing the product really works and it doesn't contain harsh chemicals is a great feeling as a customer. I totally recommend their products to my friends.

As a Tea Rose Home reader, you receive 15% off of your entire order. Just use REVIEW15 at checkout. I hope you enjoyed my post!

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