Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pinterest Baking Day

Do you collect lots and lots of recipes on your pinterest board? I do. Do you actually go back and make them?... My answer to that is not really.
I woke up one morning and really wanted to try out some of the recipes from my pinterest board. I decided to bake a couple of my newest pins.

This key lime pie recipe is by Mom on Time Out it was super easy to make and delicious. Personally I could do with less sweetness, but everyone who had this loved it.
My wonderful neighbor gave us the zucchini from their garden. That inspired me to bake this bread. was so heavenly. The recipe was by Sally's Baking Addiction and as she said in the recipe, you need to serve the bread when it is cool. It is so much better and moist. Everyone loved it!

It is so discouraging to try a new recipe and it doesn't turn out as good as you thought it would. This time, the result was the opposite. Both recipes were so good, I will be making them in the near future again. :)


  1. I have so many recipes from Pinterest that I love. I even created a "I made this from Pinterest" board to try and keep track of what we like. I actually use my boards when creating menus.

    1. Good for you! That is a great idea to have separate board. :)

  2. I love reading your blog. One of my mama's best friends is named Sachiko Alexander.

  3. Thank you for reading my blog! Sachiko is a pretty common name and I didn't like it growing up. Now I am older and love the meaning of my name(depending on the kanji you use, the meaning can change) which are "happy child" or "blessed one". :)

  4. Hey Sachiko, I found you whilst blog-hopping and I'm so happy that I did! Your blog is great, I love your style of writing, you sound like a really lovely person. I decided to reply to this post because I LOVE the idea of a Pinterest day! I love Pinterest! Like you though I always forget to go back to the pins and do anything with them lol so I think I might have a Pinterest day very soon!


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