Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Putting Together a Sewing Room!

I have been collecting miniature furniture and things for a doll house for several years. One day I was re-organizing my sewing room and realized that I have everything I need to do this project.

You read the title and probably thought I am organizing my sewing room, didn't you?... Gotcha! Actually, I am creating a much more smaller version of a sewing room. I don't think I can even call it "a doll house", since I am using a small wooden suitcase as a room. I am going to write several separate posts about the progress for the project, because it would be fun to talk about decorations and details as I put it together. Today, I am going to talk about the base: The room.

I guess you can use many different things as a "room" when you are creating a doll house or display. Remember the Tiny Tin Bedroom I did a while ago? I used a candy tin can as a room.

For this project, I have furniture pieces that I wanted to incorporate. I needed a much bigger base than a small can. I found a wooden suitcase at Hobby Lobby, after 40% off it was about $5.

I covered hardware with washi-tape and spray painted the suitcase first...
At the same time I spray painted the furniture and some decorations as well.


and after... Mmm, much better.

While I was having a blast, my kids came and told me their opinions (wait, did I ask their opinion? No, but they told me anyways).

Michael said, "Mom, why is everything is so white? You can't see anything."

Rachel came in and in a nasally voice, said, "Mooom, this is going to be too white. You need more color." Then she cut herself off, "Oh, oh!", she exclaimed. "They are SO tiny and cuuute!" she said excitedly in a high pitch voice while fawning over the furniture and decorations. Can I have it when you are done??

My response to both was, "I painted them white because I LOVE white! I am going to add colors as I go, now leave me alone, this is my project."

They both laughed. Naughty kids, they love to tease their momma. It is no secret that I love white. When you come to my house you will see lots of white. My friends tease me, but hey, everybody has their preferences right? I love the clean, calm and peaceful feeling I get when I am surrounded by whites. I add colors with decorations, just like painting a white canvas with different colors of paint. I wonder when my kids grow up and they have their own place, will every single room will be painted... hahaha. :)

Going back to the doll house... after the paint was completely dried, I moved on to putting up "wallpaper". I just used a single sheet of scrapbook paper that is white...wait, wait, in my own defense. it has embossing texture. I still wanted a white wall but with texture. In the doll house room, the scale of the floral design is very large. That's exactly how I wanted it. I think it gives a subtle, yet dramatic effect to the room.

What do you think?

I then moved on to do the floor. I wanted the look of hardwood floors, but when I was looking at the "wood floor" at Hobby Lobby in their doll house section, it costs way more than I was willing to spend. Again, I turned to scrapbook paper and I like how it turned out! The width of the planks on the paper was way too wide, so I just drew some lines to make the plank narrower. Simple easy solution, huh?

Now the stage is set I can start decorating the mini sewing room! I will let you know the progress in my next post. :)


  1. awesome! cant wait !
    thanx for sharing

  2. I have always had a love for miniature anything. I may have to put together my own "sewing room". I can't wait to see your finished project. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I am sure it will be lovely when finished, Sachiko. You have such good taste.

  4. So adorable and such a neat idea!! Have a great day!


  5. Hi Sachiko!
    The miniature sewing room, already looks real good, can´t wait to see the rest...
    Can you tell me the process of painting the suitcase? I have 3 litte ones to paint. Did you used primer before? Did you sand? Thank you for answering!
    kisses from Portugal!

  6. I used washi - tape to wrap the hardware first and spray painted the whole thing. Because it was just unfinished wood, I didn't sand or prime (maybe I should have...) . I am thinking about doing more painting on the suitcase though. :)


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