Monday, April 25, 2016

Quilts and More Feature ~ Color Wheel Pincushion

I received the newest issue of Quilts and more in the mail today... and guess what??? The color wheel pincushion I designed made the front cover of the magazine, Yeah!

This is a simple and fun project to work on and I wanted to make it even easier for you to start the project (grin). Head over to my etsy shop; you can purchase the kit for this pincushion.

I thought it might be a hassle for some people to go through fabrics to find the exact shade of fabrics to create the color wheel. This way, you can just start the project. The kit doesn't include that pattern, you still have to buy the magazine for the instructions.

The fabrics in the kit may not be exactly the same as the picture in the magazine, but I did my best to keep the same shade and feel.

Are those colors calling to you?

Hop over to my shop if you are interested.

Happy sewing!

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