Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Thrift Store Treasure ~ Plates

Over the years I have blogged about my thrift store finds here and there. Years and years ago, when Mr. TRH and I were newly married we couldn't afford much. Out of necessity (and it was fun to find things at such a cheap price too!) I shopped at thrift stores a lot. I still love shopping at thrift stores and garage sales, but the way I shop has changed over the years. There are things I look for and collect and one of the things is small floral plates.

They are so many plates at the store, but to find a plate with beautiful floral design in good condition is very hard. Little by little my collection grew...

When I checked the back of the plates to see where they were made, most of them are from England and Japan. Then some from china and unidentified ones. My collection is still small, but someday I want to display them to create a "great wall of china".

Because there are several things I look for when I enter the thrift store I hesitate where I should start looking. What if when I am looking at vintage sheets, pretty floral plates are taken by someone. What if when I am looking at vintage books, a rare milk glass vase was thrown in to another person's cart?! Ahh! Such drama! If you are a thrift shopper at heart you will understand exactly what I am talking about.

I will write about other things I collect in the near future. Is there anything in particular you look for at thrift stores?


  1. Thrift stores are great for finding buttons & old trims such as ribbons, lace, seam binding & rick rack! Old jewelry to salvage for some of the pieces to make new jewelry.

  2. I recognise the blue and white one at the bottom of the picture. My mum has the whole set. I remember being sent to buy a replacement while in London and I think the dinner plate cost about £15 and that was back in the early 90s. I love pretty plates and a Great Wall of China would look awesome.

  3. Such a beautiful collection of plates! I always look at the pretty plates too. I hope you show off a photo of your decorated wall.


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