Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Book Review ~ I Modify IKEA

I was given the chance to review a new book called "I Modify IKEA". Being a big IKEA fan (and yes, we do have many pieces from IKEA in my house), the title alone was very intriguing and I jumped at the opportunity. :)

The clever duo, authors of this book, Charlotte Rivers and Elyse Major did a wonderful job introducing 50 DIY projects! Each project in the book offers illustrations and step-by-step instructions to recreate the examples. Depending on what paint colors or fabrics you choose to use, you can create your own unique look for your home.

Let me share some of the projects I would love to try...

Using Runnen, you can create a neat bathmat. By using more of them you can make it as big as you wish. I personally like this for inside my garage where we take our shoes off.

I am a sucker for baskets, and I fell in love with this look. The basket they used for this project "Nipprig" is discontinued, but I can use the same idea for the baskets I already have and personalize it for a fraction of the cost. How cute!

This reading bench was created using Kallax; it is very stylish and practical. I can totally see how things like this can be a great use in the living room or kids room. Just imagine... with different fabric choices and pillows you can totally customize the look for you.

Last but not least... check this couch out... how unique and adorable!! It's like a couch you see in a high end furniture catalog. It is a much bigger project (and a bit scary to try), but the fabric lover in me REALLY wants to do this someday.

I have a long "To Make" list, but I am sure I just added more to that list. I love IKEA items because of their versatile and stylish designs, but I think I will see them in a different light on my next visit. There are a lot more unique and practical projects in this book "I Modify IKEA" , I highly recommend you check it out.


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