Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ruffle Sleeve Top Mini Refashion

I found this top at a local TJMAXX a couple weeks ago. Was it love at first sight? Yes, but when I tried it on, I loved everything except the length of the sleeves. The sleeves were very long (I actually have long arms and they were still too long for me) and the end seam was touching my knuckles. It looked a little out of balance and like it was pulling me downward. I still bought the top and decided to alter it a little.

I took off the bell sleeves and looked at the straight sleeves. They are nice, I thought, but I also liked the look of the "bell", when it was placed in a higher location...

I know the ruffle or bell sleeves are trending right now, but for how long? I just didn't want to do a refashion for something I will only wear for a few months. So, here is what I decided to do.

I sewed the seam of the sleeves, so I can wear it as a straight sleeve styled shirt.

Then, I added the bell sleeves on top of the sleeves with slightly larger stitches.

This way, I can enjoy the bell sleeve top for a while and when I am ready for a change, I can simply unpick the stitches and change it back to a straight sleeve top. Sewing with larger stitches makes it easier to do this.

I have a few things in my closet that need a transformation like this. I might start sharing these mini refashion posts more often!


  1. You hit it out of the park again, Sachiko! It looks perfect on you. You are amazing!

  2. this turned out really cute! I love how you made it so you can remove the bell shape when you want to. It looks really cute either way. I am glad you posted a refashion, I never see them anymore and I love seeing them!

  3. Looks fantastic !! what a good idea to be able to undo the transformation when You are tired of it! take care from Iowa

  4. Sachiko thank you for this idea, I love your tutorials when sewing your clothes, your target is always perfection, I was missing this kind of posts

  5. So cute! And what a perfect job on your alterations!!

    My sewing projects usually end up missing the make by a long shot...this post serves as inspiration though...


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