Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Blue Summer Dress

I don't know about you, but I love dresses and skirts. Especially light and airy Summer dresses made out of cotton. I found this blue cotton fabric a few years ago for really cheap (I believe it was around $3 a yard) with the intention of sewing a Summer dress and I finally did it. I guess the hardest part for me is finding a pattern that I love.

I looked through my pattern bins and nothing caught my attention for this particular fabric. I started going through my old sewing pattern books I brought from Japan. If I remember correctly I bought the book 20+ years ago. Does that qualify for being called "Vintage"? Anyways, I found a dress made out of small floral prints in the book. I loved the shape of the dress, the pleated skirt, lots of buttons from top to bottom in the back, and the manipulated pleated front!

Measuring and creating the pleats was definitely more work than I normally do with other clothes making, but it was fun. I couldn't be happier with the results. I know I am going to wear this dress a lot this Summer.

Whatever you are working on right now, happy sewing everyone!


  1. That is a very pretty dress, Sachiko. I have just packed away my summer clothes as we are heading into winter next month here in Australia. I haven't sewn a dress for myself for many years ago but yours is just lovely.

  2. I love your dress and the blue is a beautiful shade.

  3. That's a lovely, sophisticated dress, and you look beautiful in it.


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