Monday, May 4, 2020

Tall Tales Quilt Pieced

I have been making some cute paper piecing blocks here and there when I had time and I finally finished piecing the whole quilt last weekend!

I happened to see these adorable book quilt blocks many months ago on Instagram and found the pattern at Quilt with Kate.

Look how fun these blocks are!

It was such a fun process to make these blocks. I went through my stash to see what kind of "book covers" I could make... one of the fun parts was to look at prints and decide where and how to cut out designs from my fabric for the perfect front cover. I wanted to create something I would want on my bookshelves. I am finished piecing mine, but now I am thinking about making another one for my sister who is a big bookworm. She and I have very different taste in style, so I can totally see in my mind's eye that her Tall Tales Quilt would look different from my floral feminine one.

Now, I am going to think about how I am going to quilt it, but already I have a great idea for a quilt tag on the back (grin). I can't wait to share the finished quilt!


  1. I love this so much, Sachiko!!! You are amazing.

  2. OMGOSH!!! I just love this.I am a book lover through and through so I am thrilled to see this. This would be a fun project for my granddaughter, too, and I will forward your link to her.
    Blessings- Diana

  3. My granddaughter picked this block pattern for a quilt she wants to make for her 11th birthday. I have never paper pieced and am a little nervous, but can't wait to learn. Did you ever share it as a finished quilt? I'd love to see the backing idea..


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