Monday, August 17, 2020

Red Linen Skirt

I have been wanting a red skirt to wear for a while and I remembered that I bought some red linen fabric a long time ago. Sure enough, I found this fabric in my fabric closet, yay! One thing I have loved ever since I started my own "sew my stash challenge", is that I am more mindful of what I already have and am thinking creatively. I love clothing made out of linen, but 100% linen gets wrinkled very easily, so I usually buy linen blend fabric for easier care and it's nice drape.

I only had just over a yard, so my design options were very limited, but I was able to find an A-line skirt pattern in my old Japanese sewing book. I wanted a skirt with a simple line, so this worked out perfectly. I cut the fabric diagonally and started to sew!

I love how it turned out and wondered why I haven't sewn a skirt like this in the past. It is easy to sew, the style goes well with many tops and makes me look slimmer (bonus!). I might dig through my closet again and sew the same skirt in a different color. :)


  1. This red looks good on you. What a lovely skirt.
    Now you know... not to squash your stash busting... the more adorable clothes you make, you will have so many more indecisions to cope with hahah just kidding.
    I love how this color looks on you. It must feel very comfortable too

  2. I love it! It flows to the hemline beautifully.


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