Saturday, March 27, 2021

White Sapporo (Nova) Coat

Last fall, I was itching to sew some coats. I wanted to try something new and stretch my skills by sewing something other than skirts or dresses. A couple patterns that grabbed my attention were Tamarack Jacket by Grainline Studio and Sapporo Coat (they recently changed the name to Nova Coat) by Papercut. I made a couple jackets in the fall using the tamarack jacket pattern. Except for the welt pocket, the rest of process was something with which I was already familiar.

Now, I wanted to try the Sapporo coat pattern. When I saw the coat online, not only did I like the design, but I loved the name too. My Oldest son was called to serve a mission in Sapporo Japan for our church last year; there is no correlation between the coat and my son's mission other than the name (I guess you can see how much I miss him), but it instantly became one of the "must make" items. Ha ha!

I put off making the Sapporo coat for a while even though I already had the material for it. I had other projects keeping me busy, and also I was a bit intimidated by the process of adding a liner to the coat. We had some warm days recently, but I knew we still had some cold days and nights that I could enjoy the coat before Spring comes in full swing. It is silly not trying to make it!

So that's what I did last week.

Last year I found the wool blend fabric at for an ideal price and decided to go with that. The velvet wool I was drooling over was $140.15 a yard... yeah, that is not going to happen for a first time coat maker like me. I am well pleased with how it turned out!

I LOVE the stand collar on this coat. Not only does it keep my neck warm, it makes me feel a little sophisticated.
The unique shaped pocket was not hard to make at all!
It was more work to add the lining, but it definitely gives the coat a professional finished look. I am just so happy that the colors of the wool and the liner match so well, even though I bought both of them online.
Before I made the coat, I read other people's posts, comments and reviews. Many people said that the coat is very baggy fitting, so I went a size down and I am glad I did. If you are looking for a generous fit coat especially around the arms, you will love this coat.


  1. Oh, what a pretty coat, and you look absolutely beautiful. Happy sewing, Sachiko!

  2. Beautiful. You did a great job!

  3. this is a beautiful coat, Sachiko. It looks perfect on you.
    I know the feeling of getting the fabric and then waiting... you know you are going to do it, you just need to initial focus and concentration to read the directions fully, and prepare.
    Your work is excellent. I want a white winter coat so much, and really have not found one I like. This is one I am sort of looking for. (I do not like the puffy jackets or coats at all, not only do I not like the style, but also the fabric. yes I am picky but with my luck I would snag an destroy the coat in two weeks)
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful coat, I adore it, and you are inspiring

  4. It is beautiful, the fabric is lovely.


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