Friday, November 20, 2009

The Things I Found at the Park

This week is almost over, it has been a busy week as usual. Although, there was a moment I felt peace and was actually able to spend some time with Rachel.

I took Rachel to a park, It wasn't planned but it was such a nice day. I thought that I should not waste a day like this. We went to the library first then, to the park.

She. loved. it.

Since it wasn't planned I just grabbed some crackers on the way out. We sat and ate the crackers together too. The entire time she would not stop talking and smiling.

I have a book mark with a quote that says "The shortest way to happiness is to make someone else happy".

That is so true. Her happiness was totally contagious. We laughed and played for a while.

Then, it was time to go... I brought some sourvenirs home.

One yellow leaf

Two pine cones

Three berries

Everytime when I look at them, I remember how I felt at the park.

I collected another happy memory.


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