Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A little chat in the car.

After I picked Christopher up from school, Christopher was telling Michael how he misses his best friend who moved away. So I asked my two boys, "Who do you think my best friend is?"

Michael said, "Aunt Toyomi?" (She's my sister.)
I said, "She's one of my best friends, but she's not the one I'm thinking of."
After a few guesses between the boys, they gave up and demanded to know the answer. So I said, "It's daddy."
They both said, "Huh?" and Michael said, "He can't be your best friend, he's your husband!"
So I tried to explain that it always best when mommy and daddy are best friends. They still didn't quite get it and went on with their joking around.

Someday when they are older they will understand how I enjoy Aaron's company and how grateful I am that we get along so well.

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  1. Josh and I loved this little story. It had us rolling, from imagining the boys expressions when Aaron was your best friend. We very much relate to the feeling though, I think that is one of the reasons that Josh and I decided to get married.


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