Sunday, May 10, 2009

Call it good

After the open house I have been enjoying some wiggle room and freedom. I usually set my goals like what needs to be done by when and try to follow that. As of right now I don't have a project that I HAVE TO DO by tomorrow or by the end of this week, so, I hemed my boy's pants and tomorrow I am going to make a bag using Dragon print fabric for him to put in his sparring gear. Yes...dragon... it is totally not my style, but that will make him extremely happy.

Also I started organizing my sewing area. It has been a mess for quite a while. I know, once it is clean and organized I will be much more productive and love the space better.

As I was going through the stuff, I came across this quilt.

I peiced it about nine years ago. I alway have several project going on at the same time, I finally finished quilting it last year (it is all hand quilted) then I thought I will do Trapunto, a method to put stuffing in to some quilted areas to make it pop out more, and was tucked away.

I looked at it and thought "What was I thinking!? This quilt is done!" Although I love modern style, I also love traditional style quilts. I think I can call it good and move on to the next unquilted quilt tops. Because I have many that are waiting for thier turn....


  1. What a gorgeous quilt...and the hand quilting is spectacular!

  2. You are an amazing talent! What a blessing! I can truly say that I am friends with a true artist!


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