Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Simple Is Best

I was going through my old magazines and found a recipe for citrus salad. Basically, you peel and slice a grapefruit and an orange and drizzle it with honey and then refrigerate. The picture looked so good and it was such a simple recipe, I tried it...

Well, the grapefruit was good, but the orange tasted funny. I don't think orange and honey go well together. I didn't say anything at first, hoping that my family's taste buds weren't as delicate as mine and that they would eat it up. (Hey, I don't want to waste food. It was part of an experiment!)
Right away, my hubby said "The orange taste funny." and stopped eating it. Then the others followed. Dang it!

Well, eventhough the recipe was simple, sometimes the simplest form is the best way to eat food.

Today, I simply peeled the orange and the grapefruit and placed them on a plate. They loved it.

By the way, I finished the quilt top from the Moda scrap bag tonight. When there is nice sunlight, I will take a picture and post it here.

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